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First ever Porsche 911 hybrid ready for production

The first road-going Porsche 911 with a hybrid powertrain is being prepped for full production after blitzing race tracks during testing.

The electrified 911 will make its full debut later this month and, for now, Porsche is remaining tight-lipped about what the ‘hybrid’ system actually involves.

The assumption is that it’ll be a mild-hybrid powertrain, as opposed to a plug-in one, but with PHEV ‘E-Hybrid’ variants of the Panamera and Cayenne, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What we do know is that Porsche reckons the hybrid 911 is more ‘dynamic’ than the equivalent model without an electric motor.

And the hybrid 911 has just lapped Germany’s infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack in a time that’s 8.7 seconds quicker than the outgoing 911.

That lap weighed-in at 7:16.934 minutes, and Porsche’s test pilot Jörg Bergmeister said: “The new 911 has become considerably faster on the track. We have more grip, significantly more power, and the spontaneous response of the performance hybrid is a great advantage.”

Away from the race track, the hybrid 911 should also prove to be a more competent package all round, being more adept in stop-start traffic as well as boasting improved fuel efficiency.

The 911 hybrid has also put in the hard yards, having enjoyed some 3.1 million miles of development testing.

Frank Moser, Porsche’s Vice President Model Line 911 and 718, explains: “For the first time in our icon’s 61-year history, we are installing a hybrid drive system in a roadgoing 911. This innovative performance hybrid makes the 911 even more dynamic. We left nothing to chance during development and tested the new 911 under all sorts of conditions all over the world. From the freezing cold to scorching heat, as was the case during the final stages of testing in Dubai. Whether at a high drivetrain load in the demanding conditions of mountain passes or in the stop-and-go traffic of an urban environment, the new 911 has mastered even the most difficult challenges with aplomb. All in all, our engineers and test drivers clocked up more than five million kilometres of development driving."

The full reveal takes place May 28th and we’ll update you then.

In the meantime, our Specialist division here at Select Car Leasing can help put you behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 and are on hand to talk you through your finance options.

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