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Accident Management

Time is money.

And if one of your fleet vehicles is involved in an accident your business will endure the double-whammy of both the cost of repairs and the cost that comes with having a crucial vehicle off the road until it’s mended.

With Accident Management, you can significantly reduce the days you have vehicles off the road, thanks to our Select Fleet Solutions state-of-the-art administration and monitoring system.

How Accident Management works

With our Accident Management solution, we help minimise accident-related costs and disruption, getting your business drivers back on the road.

Accidents are never planned and can cause major disruption and unforeseen cost to a business and a driver when they happen.

Our Accident Management solution provides a clear efficient process to manage these events – from the point of initial notification right through to vehicle repairs, insurance claim management and recovery of any uninsured losses where appropriate.

Key benefits of Accident Management

Some of the key benefits of our Accident Management fleet solution are:

  • 24 hour support for your drivers
  • Control and reduction of vehicle repair costs
  • Minimised ‘Vehicle-off-road(VOR)’ time – reducing impact on your productivity.
  • Maximisation of Uninsured Loss Recovery claims – claiming from a third party in cases of non-fault

Contact our team of consultants to ensure you are fully covered for any accidents your drivers may have.

Want to know more about our fleet solutions? Get in touch now with our fleet solutions team on our dedicated phone number 0118 304 8690 or simply email them at corporatefleet@selectfleetsolutions.co.uk.

Accident Management Frequently Asked Questions

External Accident Management teams, such as the one offered by Select Fleet Solutions, take the responsibility of dealing with the aftermath of an accident away from the business. And by doing so, such focused specialists are able to get vehicles back on the road in a much quicker period of time, saving companies potentially thousands of pounds in the process.

We realise that business owners are under enormous pressure to keep the wheels of enterprise turning each day. Which is why sudden and unforeseen accidents involving their fleet vehicles can present real challenges. An Accident Management solution not only takes the hassle away from processing accident claims, it also enables vehicles to get back on the road faster. And when time is money, that’s an important benefit.

Our Accident Management specialists will be on hand from the very first point of notification about the incident. The accident will then be managed throughout, with repairs instigated, insurance claims handled, and the recovery of any uninsured losses set in motion.

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