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Porsche Macan named ‘Electric Car of the Year’

The Porsche Macan has triumphed at the TopGear.com Electric Awards 2024 after picking up the main ‘Electric Car of the Year’ gong at the annual bash.

The Macan electric - a battery-powered version of the traditionally-fuelled Porsche Macan - was launched earlier this year to universal acclaim.

It marries the best of pretty much all worlds, combining power of up to 639 PS while also being capable of travelling up to 380 miles on a single charge.

The journos at TopGear.com agree, and reckon it’s an EV without compromise. They write: “You’re getting a real Porsche, a car that neatly encompasses what a daily driven Porsche should be in terms of practicality, size and driver enjoyment. It’s an electric car that doesn’t require caveats or justification."

Besides the main prize, the Porsche Macan was also named ‘Best EV Sports SUV’.

Elsewhere at the awards there was a significant win for the Renault Scenic (below), which was named ‘Best Family EV’ - which is no mean feat at all when you consider the competition.

The Scenic E-Tech gets an abundance of kit as standard, including safety tech like adaptive cruise control, while models with the largest ‘High Range’ battery get a whopping 379-mile range.

The good people at TopGear.com comment: “The Scenic is terrific to drive: agile and perky, not flimsy despite the fact it’s light for a long-range EV – 1,850k.”

At the performance end of the awards, the awesome Hyundai Ioniq 5 N took home the ‘Best EV Hot Hatch’ silverware while the blisteringly-quick new Porsche Taycan Turbo GT was handed the ‘Best Performance EV’ trophy.

A special mention also goes to the Dacia Spring (below), which TopGear.com reckons represents the ‘EV Deal of the Century’.

A spokesperson said: “We all thought it was going to be the Chinese carmakers, didn’t we? That they’d be the ones flooding the market with cheap EVs, when in fact they seem to want to build £35k crossovers, just like everyone else. So the opening salvo in the affordable EV sector comes from a familiar name: Dacia.”

Here’s a full list of the TopGear.com Electric Awards 2024 winners:

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