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Van Leasing from Select

We recognise that vans are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Whatever type of van lease you’re looking for, at Select Van Leasing we have fantastic special offers and great deals to help you find the perfect commercial lease to suit both your needs and budget. We offer an extensive range of vans, including small, medium and large and also including the ever versatile pick ups, from all the major vehicle manufacturers. Choose from a variety of engine types, load areas, payloads as well as various sizes of wheelbases and heights, to make sure you get the lease vehicle that keeps you and your business moving forwards.

We supply all leading makes and models, including top-quality vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Mercedes, VW, Toyota and Citroen. Taking a van contract hire through Select Van Leasing is the simplest and most affordable way to drive a brand-new van for less. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of van leasing experts are always on hand to provide the most competitive rates for you and your business and deliver the best customer service and after sales support on the market.

We’re also proud to offer all the latest electric vans, from the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter to the popular Volkswagen ABT eTransporter, which offer business contract hire customers brilliant savings and advantages when it comes to both running costs and tax.

At Select Van Leasing we’ve also got a great range of specialist commercial vehicles, including Dropside vans, Tipper vans, Luton vans and even Minibuses. Whatever job needs doing, we’ve got a lease van ready to work for you.


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  • Unbeatable van special offers and deals
  • All leading makes and models
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The Van Leasing Specialists

  • Specialists in fleet management
  • Dedicated Van Account Manager
  • Great range of finance, contract and mileage options
  • Full manufacturer's warranty
  • MOT, Road Tax and breakdown cover*

* This is subject to the contract type and RFL may only be included for the first 12 months.

Helpful questions about van leasing

Watch our 1 minute video explainer to learn all about van leasing

Van leasing is one of the growing ways to drive a brand new van for a specific period of time. Van lease deals typically last between 12 month and 5 years. Simply put, you choose a new van or pick-up, pay an initial payment and then pay a monthly amount to drive it for a certain time period that you choose. And at the end of the lease period you simply hand it back. Taking a van leasing deal means you get access to all the latest van makes and models that have the newest technology, latest practical features as well as the most efficient engines.

Van leasing provides so many benefits, including affordable fixed monthly fees, no risk of vehicle depreciation as well as no selling hassle at the end, giving you much greater control over your automotive outgoings. And if you are a business then you can offset the VAT of the lease and you can even claim the lease payments as a business expense. Furthermore, you and your employees are always driving the latest vehicles, both helping the company’s brand image whilst removing some of the risks associated with older vehicles at the same time.

We offer van lease deals from all major van and pick-up brands in the UK, such as Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Nissan and Mercedes, and many more. As one of the UK’s leading leasing brokers working with all the major funders and vehicle manufacturers, we offer special offers on vans and commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a Small, Medium or Large Van, or even something more bespoke such as Box Van, Luton or Tipper – we offer deals across all leading van makes and models.

Whether you are a mid-size enterprise, a business looking for a large fleet or a self-employed tradesperson looking for an upgrade to a brand-new van, we have a van lease deal for you. Van leasing is available for both businesses and private individuals, with the ability to build your leasing arrangement to your exact mileage and contract length specifications.

Finance Lease is an alternative option for businesses looking to lease a new van. Finance Lease gives you the option to pay the full vehicle list price over a set period of time. Unlike standard van leasing or contract hire, at the end of the contract you have the option to purchase the vehicle for a balloon payment, or sell it on to a third party and receive the profits of this sale. Finance Lease has many advantages for businesses who may not be suited to contract hire, including no penalty charges if you go over your mileage or damage the vehicle during the contract and the opportunity to reclaim 100% of the VAT on your payments and offset these against your taxable profits.

Pickups are fast-becoming one of the most popular commercial vehicles to lease thanks to their unique combination of everyday practicality and versatile design. Pickups are a great option to balance your work and personal life. As one of the UK’s leading pickup lease suppliers, we provide special offers on the UK’s most popular pickups, such as the Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok.

Yes, you absolutely can, and Select Van Leasing have some great deals when it comes to this new breed of ‘eLCVs’. More and more manufacturers are jumping on the electrified van bandwagon, with recent additions to the market including the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and the versatile Renault Kangoo ZE, which has a range close to 150 miles between charges. An electric van lease could also offer significant savings to firms who need to use their vehicles for personal journeys, with a new zero percentage benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax rate for electric vans having taken effect on April 6 2021.

We’ve got a van body type to suit all needs and budgets, with access to high quality conversions from all the major manufacturers. Whether you need a three-way tipper, a dropside with a long wheelbase, or a minibus to transport the entire crew to the site, we’ve got a lease van for you. It’s also good to remember that you’ll find commercial versions of some of the UK’s best-selling cars, such as the great-looking Land Rover Discovery Commercial SUV, where the rear-most seats have been removed to reveal acres of load space.

You’re likely to have really personalised, individual business needs and our advisors are always on hand to help you make that choice. Do you need a double-cab, or will a single-cab with a three-seat bench suffice? If you’re concerned about load space, will an affordable small van like the Vauxhall Combo Cargo, which has a payload up to a whopping 900kg, actually mean you don’t need to lease a medium-sized van? If you’re thinking about leasing an electric van, then range between charges will be uppermost in your thoughts. The Citroen e-Dispatch, for example, has a great range of up to 205 miles and is built for comfort, but if you’re covering hundreds of motorway miles each week, rather than criss-crossing counties, then a traditional diesel-powered van lease might be better suited to your needs. 

We’ve got a great range of double-cab - or ‘crew cab’ - vans at Select Van Leasing. And while a double-cab LCV might typically have a lower payload than a single-cab van, you get all the people-carrying benefits that come with it, and seats for up to six. Double-cab versions of panel vans like the Volkswagen Transporter and the Vauxhall Vivaro are well worth a look, while you’ll also find crew-cab tippers and dropsides, too. 

We realise that a van is built to graft, and a van lease will always take into consideration something called ‘fair wear and tear’, where a vehicle’s condition deteriorates over time. What the lease industry considers to be fair wear and tear is actually standard and set out by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). And you perhaps won’t be surprised to learn that there are different BVRLA guidelines for Light Commercial Vehicles - aka vans - compared with regular cars. For example, there’s leeway and flexibility in terms of the ‘working surfaces’ of the van, ie, surfaces affected by the payload, body floors, tail boards and wheel arches. However, damage caused to the interior door lining, bulkheads and interior wheel arches through neglecting to secure a load properly is not acceptable and will need to be repaired before the end of your lease deal. You can see details of the BVRLA here and our advisors at Select Van Leasing are always on hand to explain the ‘wear and tear’ process, too.

At Select Van Leasing our lease contracts range from two to four years, though a five year agreement may be possible on some of our light commercial vehicles. A longer lease period of 48 months will typically result in lower monthly payments compared with a 24 month period, while a 36 month lease period might represent the sweet spot for your firm’s leasing needs. 

All our van lease deals come with the road tax paid. But you’ll need to arrange your own insurance, as it’s not included as standard with a Select Van Leasing deal. The lease customer needs to be the main driver on the insurance policy, though you can add other named drivers to the policy. And it’s also your responsibility to ensure you have a fully comprehensive insurance policy. If you have any questions about lease van insurance, please email enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk and speak with one of our specialist advisors. 

Established in 2004, Select Van Leasing are the UK’s leading supplier of van and pick-up leases. We work with the largest manufacturers and dealer groups to secure some of the most competitive van leasing deals in the industry and have a team of van and commercial vehicle experts to guide you through every step of the process. Speak directly to our dedicated van team today by calling 0118 338 3799 or drop your enquiry to: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk