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Select Protect Insurance

Picking up scratches, dings, dents and bumper scuffs are a fact of life, but they can often be very costly to repair and can also affect your no claims bonus.

If your lease car is subject to this kind of damage, Select Protect insurance offers a highly convenient, cost effective repair solution using SMART repair technology.

Important, please note - Select Protect Insurance is managed through our SelectCare, Select Protect and the Select Care team are part of our partnership business, the 'Select Contracts Partnership'. The 'Select Contracts Partnership' is owned by the same Directors as Select Car Leasing. Our customer data is not shared outside of Select Car Leasing's existing systems and processes. Please also be aware that if you do proceed Select Protect Insurance your personal details will be shared with a third-party Insurance provider that we have also partnered with to provide this Insurance and any other ad-on Insurance products. The 'Select Contracts Partnership' is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference number 916870). Please enquire if you would like any further information about any of this to

Benefits of Select Protect

In summary, Select Protect insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Maintain your lease car in excellent condition.
  • Repairs conducted at your home or place of work at a time convenient to you.
  • Protect your no claims bonus.
  • Cost effective cosmetic repairs
    (Cost effective cosmetic unlimited repairs covered up to max. value of £3,000 across the life of your contract)
  • No additional costs to pay at the end of your lease.
  • Easy one call / click booking process.
  • Repairs usually completed within 2 hours.

Typical repairs covered

  • Light Scratches (e.g. a 'hedge scratch'): not exceeding 30cm in length and not extended over more than 2 adjacent body panels
  • Heavy Scratches (e.g. where you might nick your fingernail on the scratch): not exceeding 15cm in length and not extended over more than 2 adjacent body panels, excludes bonnet, roof and boot
  • Minor Dents: dents to a metal body panel not exceeding 30cm in diameter
  • Scuffed Bumpers: damage not exceeding 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth and within 1 body panel

If for some reason a repair cannot be made, for example if the damage is greater than the above dimensions or cannot be covered by SMART, Select Protect will contribute £250 towards a body shop repair.

How to make a Claim on your AutoProtect Policy?

• You can make a claim via the Auto Protect Claims App, simply search….. ‘AutoProtect Claims’ – On any Apple / Android device.

• You can call the Auto Protect Claims line on – 01279 456500.

• You can send your claim via E-Mail to -

Looking for more information?

If you'd like to speak with our friendly SelectCare specialist team about all our insurance options, simply contact 0118 467 0640 or email us at: Alternatively, keep reading about our different insurance options…

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