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Car Leasing and Insurance

Just like buying a car, when leasing you’ll need to obtain fully comprehensive car insurance* to protect not only you and your property but to also protect other people and their property as well.  It's also worthwhile in considering key insurance - it's a great peace of mind service for replacement of keys and locks in the event they are either lost or stolen.

*Unless you stipulate that you'd like an all-inclusive package such as Total Care, insurance is not included in your car lease contract.

Insuring Your Lease Vehicle

Insurance for any lease vehicle needs to commence on the day of delivery and the vehicle must remain insured until the day the vehicle is returned to the finance company. Otherwise, just like any other car, van or other vehicle that is driven on public roads you won't be insured when driving it. 

For Personal or Business Car Leasing - It's Different!

There are also a few things to consider for personal car leasing and business car leasing that are important to note.

For personal car leasing, the person whose name is on the vehicle lease agreement needs to also feature as the main insurance policyholder or named driver on the insurance certificate.  If the lease is a business lease (AKA business contract hire), the company’s or the director’s name should feature as the insurance policy holder on the insurance certificate.

Importantly, with both personal and business leasing, it is the finance company that owns and remains the registered owner of the vehicle, not you or your company. Your car insurance company should be informed of this when drawing up your policy, so just make sure that you tell them who owns the vehicle.

To Summarise

  • Leasing customers must organise their own fully comprehensive vehicle insurance.
  • Insurance must commence on the day of delivery and end the day the car is returned to the finance company.
  • For personal leasing, the person named on the lease agreement should be the main insurance policy holder or named driver on the insurance certificate.
  • For business leasing, the company or director’s name should be the main insurance policy holder on the insurance certificate.
  • The vehicle insurance company should be told that it is the finance company that is the owner of the vehicle (not you or your company).
  • Your car insurance company should be informed of this when drawing up your policy.

Peace of Mind Motoring with Select Key Insurance

Concerned what the ramifications might be if you happen to lose your keys or if they are stolen? Adding key insurance into your van or car lease contract is a great option to help solve this worry.

Our comprehensive key insurance includes:

  • Replacement of keys & locks in the event they are lost or stolen.
  • £10 finder’s fee for reporting found keys.
  • 24hr, 365 days a year nationwide coverage, keys lost or stolen abroad.
  • Three days vehicle hire (up to £30 including VAT per day) when stranded by the theft or loss of your keys.
  • £25 towards any call-out charge when your keys are locked in your vehicle or broken in the lock of your vehicle.

To find out more or take out key insurance speak to our Select Care team directly on 0118 920 5130 today.

(Please be aware this product offer will cut off 7 days after your vehicle delivery date.)

How to make a Claim on your AutoProtect Policy?

• You can make a claim via the Auto Protect Claims App, simply search….. ‘AutoProtect Claims’ – On any Apple / Android device.

• You can call the Auto Protect Claims line on – 01279 456500.

• You can send your claim via E-Mail to -

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