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Competitive Tendering

As the UK’s largest lease vehicle broker, Select Car Leasing works with all of the key funders and dealerships to ensure our fleet clients secure the most cost-effective deals.

You can consider us a ‘one stop shop’ for fleet leasing, because you can access all of those funding deals through just one point of contact.

And no matter your fleet size or needs, we’ll find the optimum vehicles to help steer your business to success.

We’re also adept when it comes to electrified vehicles, providing you with a vehicle choice that might succeed in really maximising your ‘whole life cost’ fleet savings.

Competitive Tendering Explained

Working with the UK’s largest finance companies and major dealerships, we are ideally placed to ensure you enjoy maximum cost efficiencies with every vehicle you order.

The potential risk from working with one single funding partner is that you are exposed to uncompetitive pricing on certain makes, and stronger pricing on others.

Our competitive tendering solution allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – always receiving the best price for every quote, regardless of funder, but through one single point of contact.

It also ensures that you will never suffer from ‘price creep’ with one funder slowly increasing their pricing or becoming uncompetitive over time.

Put simply, we ensure the most competitive price on every vehicle, every time.

The competitive tendering process

You can consider this the fleet leasing equivalent of a motorists ringing around a host of insurance companies to get the best quote on their car. Except with Select Fleet Solutions, we complete that process on your behalf.

We’ll take your fleet requirements to our panel of funders and ask them for their best possible prices. It’s a process that’s streamlined through our sophisticated software systems, which means you’ll get the most affordable rate available in a short amount of time.

A specialist from Select Fleet Solutions will then talk you through your options.

Competitive Tendering Frequently Asked Questions

Through our Select Fleet Solutions competitive tendering process we’ll utilise our unparalleled network of funders and dealerships to ensure you get the best fleet lease deal possible. The potential savings that can be made from competitive tendering are vast, especially if you’re running a large fleet.

Select Fleet Solutions will liaise with our panel of funders to ensure you get the most competitive fleet vehicle lease quote available, taking into account your needs as a business - which includes the length of contract as well as any required service and maintenance agreements. We’ll then talk you through the best options available. 

When you’re looking to lease a fleet of vehicles, the competitive tendering process can save a business a vast amount of money. The fee associated with your vehicle lease needs will vary by funder, and if you’re running a large fleet, the cost savings of finding the most affordable deal could save you a six-figure sum over the course of the contract.

One of the things most valuable to a business is time. At Select Fleet Solutions we recognise that spending many hours obtaining quotes from different funders can be a long and laborious process. We’ve streamlined this procedure through our sophisticated software, which means we can find you the most affordable deal available with minimum fuss. And it’s not just time you’ll save, as you’ll also save money.

Want to know more about our fleet solutions? Get in touch now with our fleet solutions team on our dedicated phone number 0118 304 8690 or simply email them at

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