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Fleet Finance Options

It’s important to choose the right vehicle finance method to suit your business. With the wide range of choices available and the everchanging tax rules, it is quite a lot to consider. Couple that with businesses own cost reduction, unique financial and tax position, plus its risk and reward objectives, it can really seem like a multifaceted decision.

Let us help you find the right funding solution

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to running company vehicles and every business has its own bespoke requirements. Let our expert team of fleet leasing consultants find the perfect funding solution for your needs. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions including business contract hire, salary sacrifice, an affinity scheme or sales & leaseback.

Business Contract Hire

If you don’t want the financial risk of buying your own vehicles or the administrative burden of sourcing, maintaining and then disposing of them, then a Contract Hire solution may suit your business.

Key Benefits

  • Annual VED included
  • Fixed monthly rentals ex VAT based on an agreed term and mileage
  • If the vehicle deployment changes, the ability to revise the monthly rentals
  • Include a Maintenance package for all vehicle duty of care requirements
  • No depreciation risk when the vehicle is returned at end of the agreement

Salary Sacrifice

Discover how a Salary Sacrifice scheme could benefit both your business and employees, while supporting your wider corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities. Offering electric vehicles can see the most benefit to such a scheme: increasing staff retention and job satisfaction while also backing The Road to Zero net emissions and reducing carbon footprint.

Employer benefits Employee benefits
An attractive and motivating scheme which helps to retain & reward employees. A brand-new car with corporate manufacturer discounts & competitive lease prices
Employer makes Class 1A NIC savings on the amount the employee salary sacrifices. Monthly payments include service costs, maintenance, tyres, vehicle road tax and roadside assistance.
Encourages low emission vehicles, supporting the environmental agenda. Income tax and NI savings on salary foregone.
Helps to reduce grey-fleet risks No credit check or deposit required.
Vehicle fully insured.

Affinity Scheme

Our industry leading Personal Contract Hire leasing rates guarantee your cash-for-car opt-out drivers are in safe hands when choosing a new vehicle in their own name.

An Affinity Scheme partnership between your business and Select Fleet Solutions gives your employees exclusive online access to discounted, brand new vehicle offers and products.

An alternative to salary sacrifice, the scheme is a great way for you as a business to attract, reward and retain employees by offering them ways to save money on their dream new car.

Sale & Leaseback

If your business wants to release capital tied up in an existing owned fleet or accelerate the changeover to a Business Contract Hire scheme as efficiently as possible, then a Sale and Leaseback solution may be suitable for your business.

The way this works is your company sells its existing fleet of vehicles to a third-party leasing company. They then value each asset and provide a cash injection to your company by leasing the vehicles back under your new funding facility with one fixed monthly payment per vehicle, which then enables your business to budget and future forecast accurately.

Key Benefits

  • Frees up cash to inject back into your business
  • Obtain monthly budgeting for the lease back period

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