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Car Subscription

If you’re looking for maximum flexibility in your choice of new vehicle, then there’s something you need to experience - and that’s car subscription. Think of it like enjoying your favourite video streaming service. You get everything you need in an all-encompassing package, there are no hidden fees, and there’s also a vehicle for every budget.

And thanks to Select Car Leasing’s unrivalled partnerships with all of the major finance companies and UK dealerships, we can also offer the most competitive car subscription offers on the market, whatever make or model you need, and whatever your budget.

What is a car subscription?

How does car subscription differ from traditional car leasing? We’re glad you asked, because there are two key things you need to know. Firstly, while a car lease contract typically spans a period of between 24 and 48 months, car subscription gives you the chance to set a much shorter contract, typically somewhere between 3 to 24 months.

Why is that beneficial? If you don’t fall in love with your car after six months, you have the safety net of being able to hand it back and to choose something else. It gives you the chance to experiment, to perhaps live a little, to scratch that itch for a sports car, convertible, or something you’ve never tried before.

On the other hand, your circumstances might be about to change and you don’t want to commit to a four-year lease, or you might be a business customer whose motoring needs vary throughout the year and you need to cut your cloth accordingly.

The other amazing thing about car subscription - which you don’t get with a standard lease contract - is that as well as roadside assistance, you also get servicing, maintenance and insurance all included as part of the package. And that could save you a whole heap of money on your monthly motoring bills.

All-inclusive car subscription

Choose your plan

1Short Term Subscription

Choose a car subscription service and you’ll enjoy the freedom of having no long term contract. Instead, you can simply choose a short term subscription length between 3 and 24 months.

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2All Inclusive Package

There are no hidden fees with a car subscription because everything you need is included as part of the package - which includes roadside assistance, maintenance, servicing and fully comprehensive insurance.

Car delivered to your door

3Simply Add Fuel

All you have to do is add fuel, or electricity, to your vehicle, as there are also cutting-edge EVs to enjoy with Select Car Leasing’s subscription service.

Freedom and Flexibility

With a short-term car subscription, you’ve got the freedom and flexibility to switch vehicles whenever you or business demands it.

All Inclusive Subscription

You get a comprehensive, all-in-one package, with roadside assistance, maintenance, servicing and insurance all included as standard.

Wide Variety Of Choice

There’s a wide variety of makes and models to choose from, whether you’re choosing a car subscription for personal or for business use.

Change Car Regularly

Enjoy the flexibility of trying something new - a convertible for the warmer months of the year, perhaps, or an all-wheel-drive SUV for the tough UK winters.

Cost Effective

Car subscription is much more cost-effective than the price of daily vehicle rentals.

Fixed Monthly Payments

With fixed monthly payments, you can take full control of your budget.

Free Nationwide Delivery

Enjoy free nationwide delivery, while collection options are also available.

Convenient Solution

If you’re waiting for a new vehicle to be delivered, a short-term car subscription can neatly plug that gap.

Electric Car Subscription

Our Select Car Leasing car subscription service has a wide variety of electrified vehicles to choose from, whether it’s a full EV or a sophisticated hybrid model. And if you’re taking your first tentative steps into electric vehicle enjoyment, a short-term car subscription offers the best of all worlds.

  • Not yet sold on fully-electric vehicles? Try one for six months and experience all of the benefits it has to offer.
  • Hybrid powertrains offer exceptional fuel economy, lower bills, but swerve the ‘range anxiety’ some EV owners might have.
  • Choose from a wide range of award-winning EVs from all the major manufacturers, from Audi to Telsa and everything in between. 

FAQs about car subscriptions

A car subscription puts your ideal vehicle on your driveway for a short period of time, with contracts typically spanning between 3 and 24 months. And everything you need is included as part of the package, including roadside assistance, servicing, maintenance and insurance. Just click the subscription that best suits you, and we’ll deliver to your door.

No, there are some key differences. Car leasing contracts typically span a longer period of time compared with car subscription. A subscription service could see you switching vehicles every three or six months, according to your particular needs at that precise moment in time. Subscription offers more flexibility and freedom compared with car leasing.

Car subscription has many benefits, but sometimes car leasing will actually be more suitable for some personal and business customers. If you need a specific vehicle for more than 24 months, for example, a longer-term lease deal may be more appropriate. For all guidance and queries, get in touch with one of our Select Car Leasing advisors, who are always happy to help. 

Car subscription is a new way to service your motoring needs, and it’s something that’s growing in popularity in the UK. Customers are demanding more and more flexibility in their choice of vehicle, and car subscription has risen to meet this exciting new demand.

Like with car leasing, the cost of a car subscription contract will vary depending on the type of vehicle you want and the length of time you need it for. The great news is that there’s a car subscription to suit all budgets, from affordable city superminis to state-of-the-art and award-winning electric vehicles.

Car subscription is a great idea if you’re one of the growing number of motorists in the UK who need more flexibility from their vehicle solution. Car subscription offers short-term contracts on a wide range of desirable vehicles as part of an all-in-one package that’ll keep you safe behind the wheel while also helping you to manage your monthly budget.