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Grey Fleet

The term ‘Grey Fleet’ describes the use of personal vehicles for business purposes. And Grey Fleet vehicles can fall into a number of different categories - including privately owned cars, personal lease vehicles and vehicles enjoyed through an affinity scheme.

And when an employee is using their own personal car for business travel, it’s up to an employer to make sure those journeys are being managed responsibly.

There are cost implications, legal ramifications and servicing and maintenance issues to negotiate. It’s often a tricky and complex route to navigate.

Which is where Select Fleet Solutions comes in - we can help you meet all of your Grey Fleet responsibilities while continuing to drive your business forward.

Select Grey Fleet Management

Select will ensure you are fully compliant in all areas relating to Grey Fleet Management.

As an employer, you have a legal Duty of Care to ensure all employees, and their vehicles, who are tasked with driving for business purposes are safe and legal to be on the road. And that stands whether the vehicle is supplied by the company or not.

Those employees driving their own vehicle on company business - both non car-eligible and those sourcing vehicles using a cash allowance - are known as ‘Grey Fleet’.

How can Select help you?

Select can help you fully manage your obligations to all drivers, including:

  • Driver licence checks
  • Insurance checks for cash takers and non-car eligible drivers
  • Online risk assessments
  • Driver training, where appropriate
  • Fleet policy advice and enhancement to ensure legal compliance

Grey Fleet Frequently Asked Questions

A Grey Fleet is a term used to describe a fleet of drivers who use their own personal cars for business purposes. That car might be privately leased, or owned, and might include cash allowance cars or those leased through an affinity scheme.

Operating a Grey Fleet can have real benefits for a business, particularly those whose employees are not tasked with driving huge distances each year. It’s potentially cheaper than using company cars, and anecdotal evidence suggests Grey Fleet drivers take better care of their personal vehicles.

Grey Fleet vehicles are company-managed vehicles - and as such, a business has a responsibility to ensure they are compliant with all the necessary legislation. If a grey fleet driver has an accident while on the road for business purposes, the business could be liable.

Select Fleet Solutions will work to ensure a business is fulfilling its many obligations to its Grey Fleet drivers. That includes accident management guidance, risk assessments, legal compliance, and help with the tracking of mileage.

Want to know more about our fleet solutions? Get in touch now with our fleet solutions team on our dedicated phone number 0118 304 8690 or simply email them at corporatefleet@selectfleetsolutions.co.uk.

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