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Accident Management

Many people will have an accident in their driving life, but knowing what to do at such a stressful time can be challenging. 

We hope you never need to, but if you do, we are here to help you through the post accident process.

In partnership with AX Motor Assist, Select Car Leasing Accident Aftercare is a free service available to all our customers who have an accident caused by an insured third party.

 Call anytime on 0844 415 3943 if you need accident advice!

About AX Motor Assist

We are pleased to have partnered with AX to bring all customers an individual solution based on their specific needs and business issues.

AX help around 30,000 people a year to navigate their way through the complexities of the accident claim process. They help manage the claim process from the first customer contact to the moment a driver is back on the road. 

Services include first response, vehicle recovery and collection services, repair and service deployment, repair management, engineering services, claims management, mobility management and uninsured loss recovery (ULR) services.

Call on 0844 415 3943 if you need accident advice!