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Here at Select Car Leasing, the UK’s most trusted leasing firm, we recognise just how important your vehicle fleet is to your business.

It’s the force that keeps you driving forwards and without it crucial work stalls.

That’s why our specialist team, who have more than 10 years’ experience in fleet management, offer a range of services to ensure you get the most out of your pool of vehicles.

And that’s where a comprehensive fleet audit comes in.

No matter how large or small your fleet, the emphasis here is on identifying ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, ensuring you’ve got the perfect vehicles to match your precise, individual needs.

The Fleet Audit Process

Our auditing experts appreciate that every single fleet is different in the way that it operates. That includes how much it costs to run as well as the crucial impact that the right vehicles can have on a company’s day-to-day operations.

Trying to understand every component part of a fleet can present a daunting challenge.

Which is where the team here at Select Fleet Solutions come in.

They’ll make sure they understand exactly what your requirements are as a business, and following a complete and exhaustive audit, you’ll be given a detailed report outlining what you can do to improve your fleet choices both now and in the future.

What information does a Fleet Audit give you?

The Fleet Audit will take a comprehensive look at every facet of your fleet infrastructure, and you’ll then be given a report that allows you to make immediate plans for the road ahead.

A Select Fleet Solutions Fleet Audit will include:

Detailed Whole Life Cost analysis of all vehicles - which calculates the actual cost of running the vehicle over the course of the contract, taking into consideration everything from fuel and insurance to servicing and tax implications.

Analysis of potential funding methods to ensure cost efficiency.

Review of all areas of vehicle and driver compliance, keeping you on a firm legal footing.

Review of internal processes and ‘pain points’ to identify potential efficiencies and improvements that can be made.

Review of the fleet Carbon Footprint, with recommendations to reduce this.

Review of vehicle choice lists and benchmark vehicles to ensure correct positioning and structure. Our specialists live and breathe fleet vehicles and have a wealth of knowledge.

Our audit will provide you with a clear picture of your fleet and how Select will be able to work with you to reduce cost, improve efficiency and to also improve compliance.

Fleet Auditing Frequently Asked Questions

A Fleet Audit is there to ensure you’re really getting the most out of your vehicles. Have you got the vehicles best suited to your precise needs, equipped with the latest technology and driver assistance systems? Are you on the most competitive leasing rates, and do you have a clear picture of the ‘whole life costs’ associated with running your fleet? Or are there improvements that can be made to drive your business forward and to also reduce costs? A Fleet Audit is also there to ensure you’re compliant with the latest legislation and health and safety requirements. 

Whether you’ve got five vehicles or more than 500, a Fleet Audit is there to ensure you’re on the right route with your fleet choices. It can be beneficial for a wide variety of businesses - both big and small - and our fleet specialists will be able to take into account your precise needs as a company. 

A Fleet Audit will consider the implications of your current vehicles, and then identify ways in which your fleet can be improved. That might involve recommending electrified vehicles where appropriate, whether that’s cars and vans equipped with hybrid technology, or fully-electric vehicles. Fundamentally, we’ll work out what’s best-suited to your business in terms of day-to-day practicalities and also for your bottom line. 

Following a Select Fleet Solutions Fleet Audit, you’ll be handed a report which sets out the objectives of our specialist team and also their ultimate conclusions and recommendations. You can then work with Select Fleet Solutions to action any of the points laid-out in the audit. 

Once any Fleet Audit is complete, the Select Fleet Solutions team can work with you to make sure any recommendations are implemented. That might involve identifying new, more cost-effective vehicles or making alterations to your fleet policy. 

Want to know more about our fleet solutions? Get in touch now with our fleet solutions team on our dedicated phone number 0118 304 8690 or simply email them at corporatefleet@selectfleetsolutions.co.uk.

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