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Luton Van Lease

Luton Vans are a range of vans that offer a large enclosed box extending over the cab, providing vast amounts of extra storage, practicality and ease of access. They excel for drivers and businesses that carry large amounts of goods and modern Luton’s are also fitted with their own standard kit and technology to ensure that all your transportation needs are met.

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Many new Luton Vans available for lease can accommodate loads of all sizes, with the Ford Transit Luton a great example of a van with features such as restrains and load retention poles in the rear which keep you and your cargo safe. The name ‘Luton’ derives from the town of the same name, where this style of van was first produced.

Interested in luton van lease? Find out more by contacting a member of our team on: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk or call: 01189205130.

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