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Spookiest places in the UK to go for a drive

This county has generated more reports of haunted roads than anywhere else in the UK - so beware as we approach Halloween. 

Wiltshire is famed for its prehistoric monuments, including the iconic Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles. 

And when the land is steeped in such history, it's perhaps no surprise that Wiltshire's roads are also cloaked in myth and mystery. 

Here at Select, we analysed data held by website The Paranormal Database to find out which area of Britain was the most blighted by highway spirits. 

The Paranormal Database, run by author Darren Mann, has been logging supernatural reports from contributors since May 2003. 

And weird Wiltshire has more records for road spectres than any other county in the UK, ahead of Yorkshire, Dorset, Essex and Kent, which make up the Top 5.

There are a spine-tingling 59 records for road ghosts in Wiltshire, followed by 54 for Yorkshire, 52 for Dorset, 44 for Essex, and 42 for Kent.

Mr Mann told Select: “I am surprised that Wiltshire came so high in the list, as I only have 382 records for the county, which means 15.4% of all my records for Wiltshire occur on the roads. Maybe the high number of prehistoric monuments or the wealth of folklore in the county contribute to the eerie experience of driving Wiltshire’s roads.”

The encounters in Wiltshire include a giggling spectre terrifying a motorist in a layby, a chilling grey man stood in the middle of the road, and the phantom of a nun staring down passing cars - see below for further details.

And here's Wiltshire’s top six spookiest road ghosts, as reported to The Paranormal Database:

The Giggling Girl

Location: Sevenhampton (Wiltshire), A420

Date / Time: August 2014, 23:00h

“Needing to make a telephone call, a driver pulled off the A420 and stopped outside a farm. The driver then heard a girl giggle in the darkness and spotted a white shape in the driver's wing mirror and the rear-view mirror, although the shape vanished when they turned their head.”

The Uncanny Nun

Location: Yatesbury (Wiltshire)

Date / Time: September or October 2012

“Approaching the crossroads, a driver watched a white hazy woman wearing 'nun like' clothing step out of bushes and cross the road. As the car approached her, the woman stopped in the middle of the road, and turned and looked at the driver before vanishing.”

Woman in Green

Location: Potterne (Wiltshire) - Road near the village

Date / Time: 1936

“A driver travelling to pick up his wife from a party pulled over to give a lift to a woman in a green suit standing on the roadside. She climbed into the back of the car, and as he drove away, he felt the air grow cold - the woman in green had vanished.”

Elizabethan Man

Location: Quemerford (Wiltshire) - Road close to the church

Date / Time: December 2013, 01:00h

“A driver spotted a shadowy figure dressed in Guy Fawkes style clothing striding across the road in the early hours of the morning. The figure vanished before reaching the other side.”

Man in Black Cloak

Location: Southwick (Wiltshire) - A361 Frome Road

Date / Time: 1993

“This strange figure, described as tall and well built, has been seen along this road. The entity may have been responsible for a mysterious car accident in 1992, which killed the driver.”

Grey Man

Location: Hullavington (Wiltshire) - Road near Burton Hill House School

Date / Time: January 1967, 06:00h

“A driver reported narrowly missing a man in grey clothing who stood in the middle of the road - the figure raised its arm and vanished.”

Top 10 UK counties for haunted road reports:

County No of road ghost locations listed by the Paranormal Database

  1. Wiltshire - 59
  2. Yorkshire - 54
  3. Dorset - 52
  4. Essex - 44
  5. Kent - 42
  6. Suffolk - 42
  7. Norfolk - 39
  8. Somerset - 39
  9. Sussex - 38
  10. Lincolnshire - 33

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