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Limited edition McLaren GT launches

Fancy an even more exclusive version of the awesome McLaren GT? Check out these ‘GT by MSO’ special edition models.

The GT was launched back in 2019 and represents the most comfortable and practical - yet also blisteringly-quick - car in McLaren’s range.

Heck, you even get a whopping 570 litres of luggage space. That’s pretty much on a par with a much less exotic Audi A6 Avant estate.

Unlike a typical Audi load-lugger, the McLaren GT boasts a thundering 4.0-litre V8 engine that delivers a ‘torrent of power from standstill’, says the UK firm.

You’re talking 620 PS, 630 Nm of torque, and a 0-62mph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds. Not bad for a Bentley Continental rival.

And as McLaren describes it, the lightweight GT is ‘the supercar for the everyday driver’.

Now McLaren has handed the GT to its dedicated ‘McLaren Special Operations’ (MSO) team.This is a bespoke division that helps McLaren owners take their motors to the next level.

Here the MSO gang has produced a ready-made, bespoke set of cars designed to stand out from the GT crowd.

So, what do you get?

There are four different ‘GT by MSO’ cars to choose from, each limited to just two vehicles. So, eight in total.

There are four different paint jobs - Cerulean Blue, XP Green, Sarigan Quartz, and Cyber Yellow. Those hues hark back to famous McLarens of the past, including the blue McLaren P1 and the green McLaren F1.

All versions of the GT by MSO come equipped with the ‘MSO Black Pack’ as standard. This includes gloss black door mirror casings, gloss black exterior upper window surrounds, and gloss black exhaust finishers.

You also get unique forged twin-spoke alloys as standard.

A McLaren spokesperson adds: “Each GT by MSO features new diamond-pattern quilted stitching in body colour on the backrest and the seat base, which is combined with an MSO logo on the seat headrests. Taking inspiration from our 60th anniversary and British heritage, each model has a debossed ‘Union Jack‘ flag design, on the armrest and key fob - an elegant homage to our home market.”

There’s no word on price, but the regular McLaren GT will set you back around £200,000.

And if you dream of getting behind the wheel of a supercar yourself, the dedicated experts in our Select Car Leasing Specialist Division can help you achieve that aim.

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