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New Peugeot E-5008 gets huge 410 mile range

In the market for an affordable seven-seat electric vehicle? You’ll want to explore the new Peugeot E-5008, revealed this week for the first time.

The 5008 is Peugeot’s family-sized SUV, sitting ahead of the smaller 3008 and 2008.

Up until now, the 5008 could only be leased with a petrol or diesel engine

But all that will all change when this new, fully-electric E-5008 becomes available to lease in the Autumn of 2024.

Once again, Peugeot’s designers have absolutely nailed the styling, with its chunky yet sleek proportions and those distinctive ‘triple claw’ daytime running lights at the front.

The French firm describes the E-5008’s looks as ‘powerful and refined’, and it’s tough to argue with that assessment.

The other eye-opening thing about the E-5008 is its range between charges, which Peugeot says should max out at a whopping 410 miles.

To put that figure into perspective, it trumps the journey length of cars like the Tesla Model Y Long Range and even the fabulously upmarket Volvo EX90.

That headline range figure is reserved for the ‘Long range Single Motor’ Peugeot E-5008, which features a 98 kWh battery and power of 228 hp.

But there are two other powertrains up for grabs. The entry-level model uses a 73 kWh battery and has power of 211 hp and a range of up to 311 miles. Meanwhile a more powerful dual-motor set up unlocks 320 hp and a 311-mile range.

An 11kW three-phase charger comes as standard and a 22kW three-phase charger is available as an option. For DC rapid charging, the new E-5008’s CCS port (Combined Charging Standard) accepts power up to 160kW, which can replenish the energy in the battery from 20-80% in just 30 minutes.

Besides the powertrains, the Peugeot E-5008 will be offered in two trims at launch - Allure and GT - with both offering up to seven seats.

In the cabin you’ll find a ‘spectacular’ 21-inch ‘Panoramic i-Cockpit’ that comprises a large central touchscreen and driver display.

A Peugeot spokesperson adds: “This panoramic display appears to float above the dashboard thanks to ambient LED lighting underneath.”

There’s a compact steering wheel - heated on GT models - while the infotainment system features, as standard, wireless phone mirroring with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as sat nav.

Meanwhile the voice command function is enhanced with the addition of Chat GPT, with the artificial intelligence bot now added to a number of different lease cars.

When it comes to safety equipment, a reversing camera is standard fit, while adaptive cruise control, semi-automatic lane change, and advance speed recommendation are also all available depending which model you choose.

In terms of boot space, with seven seats in place you get 259 litres, or with five in place there’s a generous 748 litres. Whack all of the rear seats down and you get a van-like 1,815 litres.

Further details about the E-5008 will be released later this year, so watch this space.

In terms of rivals, you’re looking at the battery-powered seven-seaters like Mercedes-Benz EQB and even MPVs like the Citroen e-SpaceTourer.

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