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UK firm electrifies Back to the Future’s DeLorean!

Where we’re going, we don’t need… petrol stations.

Because a British tech company has launched a new ‘drop in’ kit that transforms the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 into a powerful electric vehicle.

Yes, the DeLorean was featured in classic 1985 sci-fi flick Back to the Future.

When it went on sale in 1981, the DMC-12 featured a V6 petrol engine packing modest power of 130 hp.

Now, though, you can jettison that mill in favour of a 43 kW battery and electric motor, courtesy of a new conversion kit from Oxford-based specialists Electrogenic.

The motor, inverter, charger, cooling system and rear battery box all bolt into the original engine mounts while a smaller additional battery pack sits in place of the fuel tank.

You still get luggage space under the bonnet and all of Electrogenic’s mods fit within the existing architecture of the car and can be reversed at any point.

What you’re left with is a DeLorean with power of 215 hp and which delivers around 3,200 Nm of torque to the wheels.

It’ll accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.0 seconds - twice the speed of the original DMC-12 - and you also get a range of around 150 miles between charges.

You can also opt for modern creature comforts like a virtual dashboard with Apple CarPlay.

Steve Drummond, Electrogenic CEO, says: “We’re delighted with the results of our ‘plug and play’ DeLorean EV conversion package; it transforms the DMC-12 from an American cruiser into a true sports car, with performance that perfectly matches its timeless space-age visuals. When John DeLorean set out to make the DMC-12 over forty years ago, he was determined to create a sports car that was sustainable and would stand the test of time. An EV conversion therefore makes total sense and feels in keeping with the ethos of the original project. I can also attest that the car’s original, Lotus-engineered, suspension is more than up to the task of handling the new-found torque; the car is fabulous to drive.”

Electrogenic do lots of EV kits for different cars, with a self-install kit for the classic Mini starting at £15,000, plus VAT. The DMC-12 kit is expected to cost from £65,000.

You’ll also need to supply the donor DeLorean, with examples changing hands on the used market for around £55,000.

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