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MG Cyberster enjoys European grand tour

The all-electric MG Cyberster has proved it can go the distance, after completing an 8,500-mile jaunt around Europe.

The battery-powered Cyberster is one of the most hotly-anticipated cars of 2024, and should be available to lease in the summer of next year.

Until that point, MG has been putting the roadster through its paces in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Spain and Italy, and the UK.

The Cyberstar - which is expected to have power of 310 hp in standard form, with full details still to be confirmed - was being piloted by a couple of British adventurers and social media influencers, brothers Ross and Hugo Turner.

The Turner twins have previously rowed the Atlantic and climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain on the European continent. And here they set about putting the Cyberster through its paces on MG’s Charging into the Future tour.

Hugo Turner said: “All of our experience has been with a pre-production car, but it’s been amazing. The car is very responsive as you would expect from an EV, but also it sticks like glue when you throw it into a corner. We’ve also really enjoyed discovering the Cyberster’s abilities in ever changing environments. It’s hugely capable, powering down an autobahn or taking in hairpin turns up a mountain.”

The Turner twins reckon the Cyberster is practical, too.

Hugo adds: “Most people would expect a head-turning convertible like the Cyberster to have no luggage space, but I can fit in the boot! And there’s plenty of room in the cabin. We’ve spent most of the time with the roof down too, and there hasn’t been wind noise or buffeting, despite both of us being over six feet tall. We’ve driven more than 8,500 miles, and I have a bad back having broken my neck many years ago, but it’s been outrageously comfortable. At no stage have I got out the car in any pain, and there were days when it covered more than 250 miles between legs.”

Ross and Hugo will next point the Cyberstar at the Middle East, India, and the Far East, en-route to Shanghai.

And we’ll keep you posted about potential UK launch dates for the Cyberster as and when they arrive.

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