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MG Motor UK Lease

MG are an established car manufacturer in the UK, with the original brand having been responsible for popular cars over the years such as the Rover and the MG F. The manufacturer has undergone a revival, with MG leasing now offering a wide range of choices; from stylish hatchback to bold SUV. Read more

The new MG company has quickly emerged as a growing force in world motoring- founded in 2006 following the demise of the doomed MG Rover Company. Chinese manufacturer Nanjing Automobile has revived the MG brand and created vehicles with many of the original company's designs at the forefront. That means MG has continued to produce a lavish selection of vehicles, despite an incredibly short life-span in comparison to some of their competitors.

The MG leasing range is relatively fresh on the scene, but take nothing away from the outstanding practicality these vehicles can deliver.  The MG3 Hatchback is a unique vehicle with excellent agility and the MG ZS is a strikingly designed SUV, now available with an all electric powertrain in the form of the MG ZS EV.

Would you like to know more about car leasing and the current MG range? All orders can be tailored to your personal and budgetary requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk or call 0118 920 5130

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