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Back from the dead: the Vauxhall Frontera!

Vauxhall has shocked motorists by announcing the return of the Frontera SUV, with a brand new model arriving later this year.

This is a bold move by Vauxhall, as the original Frontera was not universally loved. And that’s us being kind.

When the Frontera was first launched way back in the early 1990s there was much excitement, with the SUV boasting eye-catching exterior styling and having been created in partnership with Isuzu. Yet Isuzu’s reputation for rugged reliability didn’t translate to wholly positive reviews.

But, bizarrely, the Frontera has become a bit of a cult hero among those who like to invest in underdog motors, with examples changing hands online for several thousand pounds. The various Frontera owners groups would also beg to differ about the SUV's perceived flaws. 

And now Vauxhall - the purveyors of extremely good, well-styled and reliable cars these days - will present a brand new Frontera later this year. Its silhouette is glimpsed here for the first time.

While Vauxhall is playing its cards close to its chest for now, the manufacturer says the all new Frontera will be a ‘fun car with clever functional features’.

Early indications suggest it’ll be available with both a traditionally-fuelled engine as well as a fully-electric powertrain.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “The name ‘Frontera’ is ideally suited to our exciting new SUV model. It will have a confident character and be positioned right in the core of the market.”

The Frontera will also be ‘affordable’ and designed for ‘customers with an active lifestyle and families alike’.

There’s a gap in Vauxhall’s range for a tough, no-nonsense, off-road capable SUV - like the Dacia Duster - so here’s hoping the Frontera plugs it.

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