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New HiPhi A is 1,300 hp electric hyper GT

Meet the HiPhi A - a stunning new electric hyper GT that is being primed for a limited production run by its Chinese manufacturer.

You might not be familiar with HiPhi, but it’s a brand created by Human Horizons, a tech company based in Shanghai that makes premium battery-powered vehicles.

HiPhi has already revealed that it has its sights set on the European market, with the HiPhi X - a luxury, six-seat SUV - potentially the first model to arrive here in the UK.

But this new HiPhi A is something different entirely, and will prove a match for THE hottest electric hypercars available.

The exterior is a sea of matte black and carbon fibre, while the interior is comfortable enough to be considered a proper four-door grand tourer.

There are two electric motors at the rear and one at the front which, when combined with a large battery back, results in colossal power of 1,305 PS and a 0-62 mph acceleration time that’s just a shade more than 2 seconds.

To put that power output into perspective, it falls short of the staggering 2,039 PS offered by the new Lotus Evija but is still more than potent enough for most tastes.

HiPhi also says the ‘A’ will be able to achieve 22,000 rpm and ‘ultra-long-time high power output of more than 30 minutes’, which means it’s a car destined for the racetrack.

Yet HiPhi is confident the A will also be ‘ultra-quiet’ and refined, so that you can listen to your tunes as you make your way to your villa in Monaco.

The HiPhi A has also been built to withstand just about anything you can throw at it.

A spokesperson explains: “In an industry first, it features a carbon fibre bullet-proof bottom shield and a fireproof sprayed carbon fibre top cover. With HiPhi’s cloud control battery technology on board, it delivers both performance and safety.”

Aircraft grade titanium alloy appears on the interior and exterior trim, in addition to high-performance aluminium alloys, nano-ceramics and other materials in the chassis.

Further details of HiPhi A will be announced in the coming months, but deliveries are expected in the first quarter of 2025.

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