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Mouthwatering Fisker Pear revealed

American manufacturer Fisker has revealed that its upcoming Pear electric vehicle will be one of the most affordable available.

The Pear is being billed as a ‘category-breaking’ lifestyle EV that acts as the smaller sibling to the larger Fisker Ocean SUV - which you can now order and lease with Select.

And during a glitzy media event in California, in which Fisker showcased its vision for a sustainable future, the firm announced that the Pear will begin at just $29,900 when it arrives in 2025.

That’s around £23,000 in English money, and we reckon the cheapest versions might begin at around £25,000. So when you consider the super-affordable MG4 EV is priced from £27,000, the Fisker Pear should be wallet-friendly indeed.

How will Fisker offer the Pear at such a low cost? It’s all down to the production process, apparently, which involves the use of 35% fewer parts than other EVs in class.

The Pear also gets a futuristic design with an ultra-wide wraparound windscreen, what Fisker calls a ‘sculptural’ exterior shape, and slim LED lighting.

It’ll also be available with a choice of two battery packs - the smallest offering around 150 miles of range, while the larger unit will unlock up to 300 miles.

In terms of rivals, the Fisker Pear will go up against the Jeep Avenger and the VW ID.3.

Also on show at the Fisker bash in Los Angeles were two other new cars - the Fisker Alaska electric pickup and the Fisker Ronin electric hypercar.

The Ronin is an absolute head-turner, being a five-seat GT with a carbon fibre hard-top convertible, four butterfly doors, and a high-tech luxury interior.

It also gets a promised electric range of up to 600 miles, colossal power in excess of 1000 hp, and 0-60 mph acceleration time of 2.0 seconds. That’s about as quick as the ballistic Tesla Model S Plaid.

Meanwhile Fisker reckons its Alaska pickup is as practical and versatile as it is sporty.

It has a projected range of 230-340 miles between charges, and is being priced at $45,400 in the US.

And for that money you get 20-inch wheels, high ground clearance, specialised dampers, a roof basket, front and rear skid plates, and an underbody plate for greater durability.

Company CEO Henrik Fisker said: “Fisker isn’t standing still. We want the world to know that we have big plans and intend to move into several different segments, redefining each with our unique blend of design, innovation, and sustainability.”

Watch this space for further updates.

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