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Everything you need to know about the ORA Funky Cat

Ever wondered what might happen if a Volkswagen Beetle made love to a MINI hatchback?

Well, ponder no more - because the brilliantly-styled ORA Funky Cat is here to put a smile on your face and it’s arriving in Britain imminently.

The Funky Cat is an all-electric vehicle from a Chinese firm that’s brand new to the UK market.

You can already enquire about a Funky Cat with Select, with leasing prices starting from around £417 per month. 

And here’s everything you need to know about a vehicle that’ll have its claws out for rivals like the VW ID.3 and the MINI Electric.

Who and what is ORA?

ORA is a brand headquartered in Hebei province, China, and which has been producing electric cars since 2018. It’s a marque that’s actually owned by China’s Great Wall Motors, one of that nation’s big hitters when it comes to car manufacturing.

In fact, Great Wall Motors (GWM) did actually sell cars to Europe between 2012 and 2017, and you might have seen the ‘Steed’ pick-up truck on roads in Blighty.

And what does ORA mean? According to GWM, it stands for ‘open, reliable and alternative’.

What’s to like about the Funky Cat?

First of all, it’s 100 per cent electric and so will appeal to a whole host of lease customers. And remember that Chinese cars are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Just look at the recent success of China-owned MG, which has won awards by the bucket-load for their electric cars like the MG ZS EV or the MG5 EV.

The Funky Cat immediately stands out because of the way it looks - which is somehow both retro and modern at the same time. ORA says the Funky Cat will give you ‘smiles for miles’. And the design really does make for an eye-catching addition to the world of electric motoring.

What range does the Funky Cat have, and how much power?

So far we only have specific details about ‘First Edition’ models, which will arrive in October.

They’re underpinned by a 48 kWh battery that provides power of 171 PS and 250 Nm of torque. That’s enough to propel the Funky Cat from 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds. So, not like the proverbial ‘scalded cat’, but more than ample for busy families.

You get a range of up to 191 miles between charges and a top speed of 99 mph.

How does that compare to rival cars? Well, the VW ID.3 has a larger 58 kWh battery and a greater range of up to 265 miles, while the MINI Electric has a smaller 32.6 kWh and a range of up to 143 miles between charges. So, the Funky Cat sits pretty much slap-bang between those two alternatives.

The Funky Cat can support rapid charging at speeds up to 80 kW DC, which should mean you’re able to take the battery from 10-80% full in around 40 minutes.

Meanwhile 6.6kW home charging will take around 5 to 6 hours. Make sure you get the most out of every charge by consulting our guide on picking your ideal EV charger.

How big is the Funky Cat?

The Funky Cat is actually bigger than it might look. At 4235mm long and 1825mm wide, it’s about the same size as a Volkswagen Golf, and comes with a 228 litre boot, which is just slightly bigger than the luggage space available in the MINI Electric.

What’s the kit list like?

First Edition models look to be generously equipped as standard. You can expect 360 surround cameras, wireless phone charging, and electric driver and passenger seats, as well as driver assistance and safety tech like blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, lane centering function, and rear traffic cross alert with emergency braking.

That’s a very decent package and pretty much on a par with the spec of the VW ID.3.

The interior is pleasingly-sumptuous, too.

How much does it cost?

First Edition models are priced at £31,995, on-the-road. The ID.3 begins at £36,195 and the MINI Electric at £31,000.

However, the First Edition version is just the first iteration of what’s expected to be a number of trim levels, so there’s likely to be an even cheaper variant in due course.

From the looks of ORA’s teaser pics, a hot performance Funky Cat ‘GT’ also looks to be on the cards.

What colours are available for the Funky Cat?

You get a choice of tabby, ginger, black and white… only kidding.

Paint schemes available for First Edition models are ‘Nebula Green’, ‘Starry Black’, ‘Aurora Green’ with a white roof, and ‘Mars Red’.

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