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What are the best pickups and trucks of 2015?

The truck and pickup market is really enjoying a period of success at the moment. They make up for some of the most in demand vehicles currently on the market as many drivers begin to realise the benefits of leasing their next commercial vehicle. Pickups are often some of the most affordable vehicles when it comes to securing a practical and efficient commercial vehicle and usually provide just as much space as many of the alternatives. They are particularly popular with builders, plumbers and electricians but can of course be used for all kinds of commercial needs and are considered useful for trnasporting equipment and goods.

It's worth considering that pickups are generally more rare in the UK compared to our cousins across the pond where the form of vehicle is extremely popular. In fact, they do not even fall in to the commercial sector in the States, used for everyday commutes or just a weekly shop they have become a hallmark of the American motoring industry. However, they are beginning to gather support over here and the strong demand means we felt it time to break down five of the best pickups in what looks set to be a growing market.


Ford usually have at least one vehicle with superior quality to throw into the market and the pickup sector is no different. The Ford Ranger has really made a name for itself over the last few years, exemplified by it's status as one of the UK's best and most searched for trucks. The Ranger is sturdily designed with a steely and bold exterior design that means that tackling off-road environments is no problem for this beast. Don't mistake this for an exclusive off-roader, it's also got a great feel to it in urban environments and is available at an incredibly affordable monthly price.

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The Hilux from Toyota is an extremely popular vehicle with a distinctive and stylish design that does not look out of place in urban cityscapes. It's equally adept at commercial needs, mind and there is definitely a great deal of comfort in the interior that, put simply, isn't always there for every pickup. The Hilux has the benefit of an extensive range of trims and you can pretty much tailor the vehicle to your exact requirements which is always helpful for commercial drivers, whose preferences are almost always different and varying. The Hilux also has a rather punchy 171bhp engine in it's arsenal which is not to be sniffed at.

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Nissan's Navara is a warrior of a pickup truck with a rugged appearance it's certainly a vehicle that catches the eye. Nissan have enjoyed a lot of success with the Navara and we expect it to become a longstanding part of Nissan's successful fleet of vehicles. The Navara may push towards the top-end of many budgets but it's still an incredibly attractive proposition especially when it comes to leasing meaning you don't have to handle any of the depreciation costs. The vehicle is very roomy and will easily support many requirements and it's premium price is somewhat justified by a seriously strong set of engines.

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The Amarok is one of Volkswagen's most famous vehicles it looks the part and feels good too. With a fast and responsive gearbox the Amarok is very easy to drive for a vehicle of it's bigger size. The Amarok won best pick up in 2013 and then again in 2014 so it's clear there is a lot of love for this vehicle among drivers. It's also got a cracking set of engines that test some of VW's more sporty models and despite a bulkier frame is actually very streamlined. For instance, the BiTurbo engines are capable of 178bhp and it's also strong in terms of fuel consumption and emissions.

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Isuzu have a great reputation in the commercial market with an illustrious range of vehicles that challenge some of the more established competitors and often succeed. The D-MAX might appear reasonably similar to some of the more basic pickups but it's actually a bit smaller and has been credited for it's strength in urban environments. It's a pickup so it's not designed for these conditions but the D-MAX is certainly one of the more competent vehicles when it comes to this. In terms of the engines, the 2.5-litre twin-turbo is not especially eye-catching but it's still a strong engine and has the capacity to achieve 163bhp.

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