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Ford Ranger Lease

The all-wheel drive Ford Ranger is one of the most prominent pick-ups on the leasing market, having been a go-to workhorse since its UK launch in 1998.

Now, thanks to a major refresh in 2023, the Ford Ranger remains one of the UK’s most sought-after light commercial vehicles. It’s available in numerous guises, from the reliable to the raucous.

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The updated Ranger is available with either a single cab or double cab body, and there are various trim levels to choose from.

The Ford Ranger also straddles the line between business and personal leasing, with many customers choosing a pick-up as a family car or leisure vehicle.

Sitting at the very top of the tree is the Ford Ranger Raptor, a performance pick-up underpinned by a twin-turbo 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 petrol engine that delivers power of 292 PS and 491 Nm of torque.

At the more affordable end of the leasing spectrum, the single cab XL Ford Ranger enjoys a 1,200 kg payload, a 3,500 kg max towing capacity, and is ‘pared back, built tough, with every inch utilised for work’, according to Ford.

Lease customers can enjoy a full-time e-4WD system, a sophisticated chassis and suspension set-up, and a ‘car‑like cabin’, according to Ford, which features premium elements and soft‑touch materials, including a leather-wrapped gear shifter and heated sports-style steering wheel.

Rangers higher up the trim level feature a 12-inch touchscreen, heated seats, and a fully-connected infotainment system powered by Ford’s respected ‘SYNCH 4’ tech.

Take a look at our expert Ford Ranger in-depth review here.

If you would like any further information on a Ford Ranger Lease, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Our sales advisers will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Drop us an email:, or give us a call on: 0118 920 5130.

  • Car Leasing Category: Pickup
  • Select’s Car Review Score: 4.3/5
  • Boot size: 1,200 kg payload
  • Engine Options: Diesel, petrol
  • NCAP Safety Rating: 5 stars

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Ford Ranger Pick Up - Featured Deals

11 vehicles found
Special offer
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Pick Up Double Cab Tremor 2.0 EcoBlue 205 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – 17" Alloy Wheels – Lane Departure Warning System
Diesel Automatic 270 g/km £44,179
Special offer
In stock
Pick Up Double Cab Wildtrak 2.0 EcoBlue 205 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – 18" Alloy Wheels – Heated Steering Wheel
Diesel Automatic 230 g/km £49,939
Special offer
In stock
Pick Up D/Cab Wildtrak 3.0 EcoBlue V6 240 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – 18" Alloy Wheels – Heated Steering Wheel
Diesel Automatic 264 g/km £56,599
Dec delivery
Special offer
Factory order
Pick Up D/Cab Platinum 3.0 EcoBlue V6 240 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – Sat Nav – 18" Alloy Wheels
Diesel Automatic 266 g/km £59,059
Pick Up XL 2.0 EcoBlue 170 [2024.5] Lane Departure Warning System – Collision Prevention – Auto Lights
Diesel Manual 220 g/km £36,649
Pick Up Double Cab XL 2.0 EcoBlue 170 [2024.5] Lane Departure Warning System – Collision Prevention – Auto Lights
Diesel Manual 222 g/km £38,479
Pick Up Double Cab XLT 2.0 EcoBlue 170 [2024.5] Air Conditioning – Lane Departure Warning System – Collision Prevention
Diesel Manual 221 g/km £40,099
Pick Up Double Cab Raptor 2.0 EcoBlue 205 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – Sat Nav – 17" Alloy Wheels
Diesel Automatic 278 g/km £58,879
Pick Up D/Cab Wildtrak X 2.0 EcoBlue 205 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – Heated Seats – Heated Steering Wheel
Diesel Automatic 271 g/km £52,339
Pick Up Double Cab Raptor 3.0 EcoBoost V6 292 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – 17" Alloy Wheels – Heated Steering Wheel
Petrol Automatic 315 g/km £62,479
Pick Up Double Cab MS-RT 3.0 EcoBlue V6 240 Auto [2024.5] Air Conditioning – Heated Seats – Heated Steering Wheel
Diesel Automatic 334 g/km £62,479

About the Ford Ranger

Ford's Ranger has been in existence since 1983, first hitting markets in North America before arriving on British shores in 1998. So with forty years’ experience under its belt, the Ranger has stood the test of time, earning an almost cult-like following in the process.

Pickups are becoming more and more popular in the UK - and it’s easy to see why with a Ford Ranger lease. The Ranger is a highly-practical, versatile and stylish vehicle at an incredibly attractive affordable monthly leasing price.

The Ranger is well and truly built for work, coming with a payload of up to 1,200 kg, depending on the model, and a braked towing capacity of up to 3,500 kg.

Yet it’s also the perfect leisure vehicle for personal lease customers, coming in a variety of variants and specifications to suit your weekend adventure needs.

Why lease a Ford Ranger

The great thing about leasing a Ford Ranger is that an abundance of trims means there’s a pick-up for every job, whether you’re heading to a work site or camping with the family at weekends.

Trim levels run from the entry-level XL through to XLT, Tremor, Wildtrak, Wildtrak X, Platinum, and Raptor.

Underpinning those models - besides the fire-breathing Raptor - is a robust diesel engine with power of up to 240 PS.

That top-of-the-range Raptor is described by Ford as ‘the ultimate 4x4 pick-up truck’, and besides power of 292 PS it also features rally-style shock absorbers and an extreme ‘Baja’ driving mode.

The Ford Ranger can also be leased as a versatile chassis cab, too.

Which Ford Ranger fuel type is right for me?

While electrified powertrains for the Ford Ranger are anticipated in the near future, the present range features either petrol or diesel engines.


The petrol engine is available solely with the Ford Ranger Raptor - and it’s a gutsy 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 with power of 292 PS. 


There’s a host of 2.0 litre diesel engines available across the Ranger line-up, offering power outputs between 170 PS and 240 PS, depending on the model. 

Which trim level should I lease?

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to Ford Ranger trim levels, whether you need a dependable workhorse or something more adrenaline-inducing. 



The range-topping Ford Ranger Raptor is a 4x4 that’s as exhilarating as it is purposeful. You can choose from a petrol or diesel engine with power of up to 292 PS and its 4x4 system will handle anything you can throw at it. 

What vehicles are similar to the Ford Ranger that I should consider?

There are strong rivals to the Ford Ranger, particularly in the form of the long-running Toyota Hilux and global stalwart the Isuzu D-Max. The SsangYong Musso and Maxus T90 EV are also muscling-in on the market. 

Toyota Hilux Pick Up

Toyota Hilux Pick Up

Like the Ranger, the Toyota Hilux excels at offering something for all lease customers. At the top-end of the range, the stylish Hilux GR Sport offers more sporty handling. 

Isuzu D Max Pick-up

Isuzu D Max Pick-up

The D-Max range runs a spectrum from ‘Utility’ through to the extreme, go-anywhere Arctic Trucks AT 35. Base models are generously equipped with Advanced Driver Assist Systems to keep you safe. 

Maxus T90EV Pick Up

Maxus T90EV Pick Up

Unlike the other pick-ups here, the Maxus T90 is fully-electric, coming with a 220 mile range and a payload of up to 1,000kg.

KMG Musso Pick Up

KMG Musso Pick Up

First introduced in 2016, the Musso offers slightly less choice of specification than other pick-ups, but all variants come with a spacious double-cab. 

Want to know more about a Ford Ranger lease?

Ford Ranger Pick Up Review

Deep down, it’s still a rugged workhorse, but there’s enough luxury, performance and practicality for it to be considered a reasonably sensible family car. It’s just one that can venture virtually anywhere off-road.

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Ford Ranger Frequently Asked Questions

The Ford Ranger has been the best-selling pickup truck in the UK for many years, and with good reason - it takes the rugged go-anywhere capabilities you expect from a working vehicle but has enough model choice to please those demanding modern luxury motoring. The range runs from truly commercial models that will be at home on the farm or construction site to luxury models festooned with leather trim, high-end infotainment systems and all the mod cons. There’s even a souped-up Raptor edition with Dakar-inspired rally suspension for when things get really tough. With single, extended and double cab versions as well, there should be a Ranger for everybody. 

With such a huge range of models, there’s an equally huge range of prices available. However, Select Car Leasing works to keep your lease costs down with competitive deals, which means you can get into a Ford Ranger for around £250 a month. You can use the model search to find the exact Ranger for you to compare the rates, and even find special offers and limited edition models - they’ll all be at our best prices. 

A pickup truck is nothing if it’s not rugged. Fortunately, the Ranger is well equipped in that area. The Ranger was developed in Australia, where people’s lives are at risk if something goes wrong, so you can be sure that the four-wheel drive and tough suspension will get you out of a tricky situation. While a Welsh mountain won’t present a problem for the Ranger, neither will one of the nation’s motorways, as it’s equally at home on the tarmac. That long suspension smooths the road and, especially on the high-spec Wildtrak models, could leave you thinking you’re behind the wheel of a big SUV. An SUV can’t tow 3.5-tonnes or carry a tonne of cargo in the back, though! 

Trucks are built tough, able to withstand the demands of the Australian outback, Swiss mountains or Coventry ring road. Four-wheel drive adds stability and security to your drive while locking differentials and advanced computers controlling traction and stability will keep you in control. The modern tech you find in cars is available too, so there's no reason to give up safety features like adaptive cruise control. Being so big, there’s lots of space inside for the family - as long as you pick the double cab - while you won’t find anything with a bigger boot. If you’re going to put any valuables in there though, make sure you specify a model with a cover or add one as an accessory. 

The Range runs from the XL to the Raptor, with plenty of others in between. The XL is the workhorse, with an interior that’s easy to wipe clean and a list of equipment that’s more essential than luxurious. XLT adds more niceties, including an infotainment system, but it's the Limited and Wildtrak that will appeal to those wanting a truck as well as a family car. These are loaded with toys, including leather trim and big sound systems. The Raptor tops the range with a focus on fun, adding dramatic style and incredible off-road credentials. Keep an eye out for special editions to lease as well, as Ford has a habit of releasing new models frequently.