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Tesla reveal 2017 Model 3

Tesla continues to steal global attention with the announcement of their all-new third model which could debut as soon as the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The vehicle is set to rival the all-new BMW 3 Series and will also look to rub shoulders with industry mainstays such as the Mercedes C-Class, Jag XE and even the Audi A4. A very competitive market that’s for sure, but the Model 3 will have one of the most unique selling points of all its rivals due to it’s all-electric design which could give it the upper hand in an industry that's going greener by the day.

The announcement comes at good time for Tesla who have already managed to grab headlines with the announcement that the current Model S will reach 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds.Their latest vehicle has already been touted as having 0-60mph time of just 4.1 seconds, with performance similar to that of the BMW M3.

For those following the progression of Tesla and unfamiliar with the new Model 3, it’s worth being reminded that the vehicle was originally due to be called the Model E but was changed after a legal disagreement with Ford. This is essentially that exact same model but Tesla have changed it’s name to fit in with becoming the third instalment of the emerging manufacturers range. The other two being the current and very popular Model S and by then the manufacturer will have welcomed the introduction of the new SUV crossover Model X.

Tesla will be keeping quiet on any of the vehicles finer details until next year but it’s still a big announcement considering the manufacturer is still in it’s fledgling days.

We think that Tesla’s strides in technology and engine advancement could mean that by the time of release it will become the fastest of any of it’s rivals in a flat-out race and it’s also expected to be slightly smaller than the current Model S, meaning a more streamlined, aerodynamic design is likely.

The Model 3 is only likely to balloon sales of Tesla products with the manufacturer growing in confidence following a strong reception to many of it’s eco-friendly products – and not just the cars - the Tesla Home Battery has recieved a wave of support from those beginning to look away from renewable energy sources. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also stated that owners will get free access to the Supercharger Network and the vehicle could even be capable of a 200-mile electric range.

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