New 70 Plate Cars Arrive! Best Cheap Car and Van Leasing Deals For September
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New 70 Plate Cars Arrive! Best Cheap Car and Van Leasing Deals For Sep 2020

As the demand for car and van leasing soars, what was once viewed as an exclusive for businesses or those looking for premium vehicles, has now become one of the most affordable and accessible ways of driving a brand new car or van on a regular basis.

With almost 2 million individuals now leasing a car or van in the UK, taking out a car lease deal is an everyday lifestyle choice that slots perfectly into your monthly outgoings, the same as a new mobile phone contract or a tv subscription.

Whether you're securing an SUV, stylish cruiser or low-cost city car - the benefits of leasing extend to all walks of life. If you're a van driver getting your business back on the road this autumn, van leasing is the opportunity to secure new van that gets you from A to B comfortably and without the hassle. With a range of cheap van leasing deals, now is the chance to secure a great value-for-money van.

Avoid the large upfront payment associated with buying, or the uncertainty and depreciation risks when it comes to finally selling your vehicle on. With leasing, you can choose what you like, when you like and browse through hundreds of deals from the comfort and safety of your home.

Working alongside some of the UK’s leading funders and through a national network of main dealer groups – we are able to secure the most competitive car leasing rates in the industry, on all leading makes and models.

Below we take a look at some of the best savings available right now on cars you can get your hands on, all in time for the new ‘70’ number plate launch in September. Set to be one of the most significant new plate launches in recent years, the new '70' plate will include a speciailist green strip on plates for new electric cars registered after the 1st September - the most notable update to the current plate design in several decades.

Mercedes GLA - from £286 per month inc. VAT

Refreshed with a new exterior design, the Mercedes GLA is one of the best in the business when it comes to affordable, luxury SUVs. Offering an impressive range of tech features, spearheaded by the MBUX infotainment system, the GLA is great value for money in the current market. The GLA has its positioned strengthened with a range of performance-focused engines, the pick of which is the GLA 200, which delivers upwards of 160 hp.   

Ford Puma - from £192 per month inc. VAT

The Ford Puma joins a competitive market but stands out with its combination of low running costs and interior practicality. With one of the biggest boots in the class at over 450-litres, the Puma is fast-becoming a choice lease option for families looking for a spacious and comfortable SUV that won’t empty the piggy bank.

Nissan Qashqai - from £187 per month inc. VAT

The Sunderland-built Qashqai is one of the country’s most successful SUVs of all time – continuing to shift in numbers, despite remaining largely unchanged since it first arrived on the market. With unrivalled equipment and comfort, at under £200 a month, the Qashqai remains one of the best value lease deals you can get your hands on for the new September plate.

Smart Forfour - from £132 per month inc. VAT

Smart’s pivot to a brand largely focused on electric power has been a masterstroke for the Smart car name. Now seen as one of the key figureheads of affordable driving, Smart are no longer viewed as a ‘novelty’ car and in today’s world represent excellent value for money and a great leasing choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and efficient vehicle. The ultimate antidote for city car driving, the Smart Forfour EQ is an all-electric car with a stylish and unique appearance and the best part of 115 miles of driving range in its arsenal.

Ford Focus Hatchback - from £185 per month inc. VAT

No car holds a similar standing in the UK as the instantly recognizable and popular, Ford Focus Hatchback. In its latest form, the Focus has safeguarded its position as a UK favourite, sporting both a modern and stylish design and an impressive lineup of interior features and technology. Ford Focus lease customers should consider the 1.0-litre EcoBoost ST Line model – a highly efficient and affordable choice for your new car

Citroen Dispatch - from £159 per month exc. VAT

The Dispatch is a workhorse mid-size panel van offering impressive running costs and enough equipment to shake a stick at. The Dispatch is one of the most versatile vans on today's market, with a maximum payload of 1458kg and a load length of 2510mm in the standard 'M' model. Running costs on the Dispatch make for good reading too, with 47mpg achievable on the mid-range 1.6-litre diesel.

Ford Ranger - from £249 per month exc. VAT

Pickups continue to enjoy more and more success in the UK and that is undoubtedly owed to the rapidly improving stock of the Ford Ranger. Practical, robust and with four-wheel-drive as standard – Ford Ranger lease is the perfect choice for everyday driving. And with four-wheel-drive as standard and performance figures north of 160bhp, the Ranger guarantees enjoyment and comfort on the road.

Renault Kangoo Ze - from £139 per month

One of the most versatile compact vans on the market, the Renault Kangoo’s recent electrification has made it one of the most cost-effective vans you can run. Say goodbye to racking up hefty fuel costs – the Kangoo is an ideal van for businesses right now; easy to charge, zero tailpipe emissions and a driving range just shy of 145 miles.

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