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Renault expands Trafic line-up with new E-Tech electric model

The Renault Trafic E-Tech has now arrived, with the fully-electric panel van boasting a range of up to 186 miles between charges. 

The Renault Trafic panel van underwent a complete refresh in 2021, and since then, it has proved even more popular with the commercial vehicle sector — last year saw more than 16,000 registered for UK roads, which is the most successful year for the van since 2016. 

Hot on the heels of that success comes the Renault Trafic E-Tech, the all-electric version of the panel van, which completes the line-up.

While the motor under the bonnet might be different, the Trafic E-Tech retains the bold design of its diesel-powered cousin and maintains all of its strengths, or so Renault tells us. 

Looking inside, you’ll be hard-pushed to see any differences from the regular Trafic. The dashboard has all the same traits, with the horizontal band running across the width, and the 8.0-inch infotainment screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay available via wireless smartphone connectivity. 

In front of the driver sits the 7.0-inch digital instrument panel, giving all the information needed while on the road. Renault’s ‘Mobile Office’ setup is included, too, with the middle seat becoming a workspace, providing room for a laptop as well as an A4-sized swivel stand to hold documents while you work. The driver’s seat is fully adjustable, ensuring you can find the perfect position and arrive at your destination fresh and ready to go.

There is also plenty of storage around the cabin, totalling 88 litres, which includes 54 litres secreted under the bench area, making full use of the space on offer. 

Fitted as standard, you’ll find air conditioning, rear parking sensors and cruise control with a speed limiter. There are also heated electrically adjusted door mirrors as standard, making those cold winter mornings just a little easier. 

There’s also plenty of safety kit, including lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, driver attention alert and drowsiness warning for those long days on the road. 

E-Tech Power

To keep the wheels turning, the Trafic E-Tech has a 120hp electric motor, producing 245Nm of torque and ensuring a decent amount of pulling power when fully loaded. When empty, 0-62mph will take 8.4 seconds, with a top speed of around 68mph. 

Connected to the motor is a 52kWh battery pack, which, according to official figures, will give the Trafic E-Tech around 186 miles of range. This can be extended a little thanks to the adaptive regenerative braking system, which transfers the energy gathered as the vehicle slows back to the battery pack. 

If you do get caught short of power while on the road, the battery pack can be rapid charged at a rate of 50kW, with a full charge taking about an hour. At the end of the workday, whether it’s plugged in at home or the depot, a 7.4kW charger will complete a charge from empty to full in around 7 hours, so the Trafic E-Tech will be ready to roll the following day. 

Renault has added a battery warranty, too, so if its state of health falls below 70% within the first 100,000 miles or eight years (whichever comes soonest), a replacement battery pack will be fitted free of charge. 

Payload Capacity

There are three body sizes to choose from: short body (5.08m) and long body (5.48m), both with a low roof (1.97m) or long wheelbase with a high roof (2.50m). The cargo volume ranges from the smallest version at 5.8m3 to the largest version at 8.9m3. 

Using the load-through facility that takes the cargo area out into the passenger footwell, the maximum load length is 4.15 metres. 

The short wheelbase variant measures 2,537mm in the rear cargo area without using the load-through facility, extending to 2.937mm in the long wheelbase version. Width-wise, there is 1,662mm at maximum width, narrowing to 1,268mm between the wheel arches. 

The gross vehicle weight of each model is 3,070kg, and payload limits are between 1,083 and 1,222kg. For all models, towing is limited to 920kgs.

Renault Trafic E-Tech Availability

Renault Trafic E-Tech vans can be pre-ordered now, although customers won’t see the first deliveries until September. The SL30 short-wheelbase low-roof model will start at £39,500 plus VAT, with the largest version with a long-wheelbase and high-roof priced at £41,240 plus VAT.

The UK government’s plug-in van grant is currently available for Renault Trafic E-Tech buyers, shaving £5,000 from the price tag.

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