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Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets next-gen interior

Selfies, social media and an in-built wellness coach - the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is being treated to a truly next-gen cabin.

The E-Class, which nestles between the C-Class and the S-Class in the German firm’s range, was last updated back in 2020 and is ripe for a revision.

Lease customers are set to get a new version later this year, and it’ll once again go toe-to-toe with historic foes like the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6.

And Mercedes-Benz is hoping the E-Class’s state-of-the-art new interior will set it apart from rivals.

A company spokesperson tells us: 

“Customers can look forward to a particularly immersive entertainment experience in the new E‑Class. Music, games and streaming content can be experienced in the car with almost all the senses. Thanks to digital innovations in the interior, the E-Class is now more intelligent, achieving a new dimension of personalisation and interaction.”

The first thing you’ll notice when you step inside is a huge, glass-covered ‘MBUX Superscreen’ which extends to the central display behind the steering wheel.

There’s also an optional, additional front screen for the passenger.

And if the E-Class’ intelligent brain spots the driver trying to catch a glimpse of the passenger screen while the vehicle is moving, it’ll automatically dim the display - making it invisible to the driver, not the passenger - so that the person behind the wheel keeps their eyes on the road, and not on YouTube!

When it comes to the infotainment on offer, speed is of the essence, with the E-Class boasting 5G data transfer tech as standard.

The ‘Active Ambient Lighting’ system has been developed to make sound become ‘visible’.

How does that work? Well, Mercedes-Benz says the lighting produces a ‘visual interpretation of any content from any of the sources of entertainment sound’.

So, the ambient lighting will respond very differently based on whether you’re listening to Metallica or Enya on your morning commute.

You can download all of your favourite apps to the infotainment system, including TikTok and Angry birds, and you can also take selfies on it using the system’s camera.

Those selfies go for the driver as well as the passenger - so long as you’re parked - and that same camera can also be used to host in-car Zoom meetings.

The system’s artificial intelligence (AI) will learn your behaviour and decide, for example, whether you’re going to want the heated seats on for your journey home from the office.

Meanwhile there are a couple of features that could be an absolute godsend for stressed-out families.

The ‘Energising Coach’ adjusts the interior environment - moving the seat back, injecting more fresh air into the climate control, etc - in an attempt to reduce motion sickness.

And the ‘Energising Coach’ syncs with your wearable wellness tech, like a Fitbit, so that it can recognise when you’re feeling agitated or exhausted before giving you breathing exercises to help you feel more relaxed.

The new E-Class will launch with the Saloon model initially, though it’ll also be available as an E-Class Estate, Coupe and Cabriolet in due course. We’ll bring you news of the facelift as and when it arrives.

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