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The shackles are off for new DS E Tense Performance

Conventional brake discs and pads might be going the way of the Dodo, judging by this new DS E Tense Performance prototype.

Most modern day electric cars use something called ‘electric motor regeneration’ to put energy back into the battery during deceleration.

To put it simply, the cruising momentum you get when you take your foot off the accelerator actually drives the electric motor, creating kinetic energy that’s then turned into electricity.

In most EV systems, this regenerative braking works to complement your bog standard friction brakes.

But the new DS E Tense Performance concept is exploring whether regenerative braking could be used as the sole means of throwing the anchors on - rendering discs and pads ‘redundant’, says the French firm.

The manufacturer has pilfered the tech from its Formula E race car, and the system uses two electric motors that add up to regenerative braking of up to 600 kW.

And while the focus here is on stopping the DS E Tense Performance, there’s plenty of ‘go’ for the prototype as well.

DS says the E Tense Performance has power of 815hp and a whopping great 8,000Nm of torque. It means the Performance can explode from 0-62mph in two seconds flat.

Meanwhile super-rapid 350 kW charging capabilities means the EV’s battery can, potentially, complete a full charge in just five minutes - so make sure you pick your ideal charger to get the most out of your battery.

Beatrice Foucher, DS Automobiles CEO, says: 

“Formula E is about maximising performance and efficiency, and the DS E Tense Performance is our vision of a road car utilising our race-winning technology.
“Regenerative braking is a very powerful way to not only slow the vehicle down, but also help improve battery performance. The DS E Tense Performance takes the technology to a new level, with regenerative braking used solely to slow the vehicle down.”

There’s no word yet on when - or if - the Performance will translate to reality.

But in the meantime, there’s plenty of sumptuous DS lease cars to cast your eye over - from the DS 3 Crossback crossover to the luxurious DS 9 saloon, both of which can be had with electrified powertrains.

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