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Sleek new-look Range Rover Sport unveiled

Talk about an entrance - the brand new Range Rover Sport has exploded into view with a world-first climb up a flooded dam spillway in Iceland.

The launch video above - which also features cameos from James Corden and Anthony Joshua - sees James Bond stunt driver and British Touring Car champion Jessica Hawkins blasting through water-logged tunnels, negotiating certain-death cliff edges, and generally having a great time.

It’s an eye-opening way to announce a car that’s being described by Land Rover as the epitome of ‘visceral desire’.

And even when you look past all of the attention-grabbing showbiz fireworks, there’s still plenty to admire about the new Range Rover Sport.

So, first thing’s first, what does it look like?

Land Rover describes the new Range Rover Sport as having a more ‘muscular stance’ than before and which conveys ‘power and agility’. In short, the Range Rover Sport is moving more in line with its bigger brother, the Range Rover.

Inside the cabin, The Range Rover Sport features an all-new interior that’s been built using all the luxurious materials we’ve come to expect, while also resembling a sophisticated version of a pilot’s cockpit. There’s also a 13.1 inch touchscreen infotainment system boasting Amazon Alexa voice recognition tech.

All the latest driver assistance and safety features are par for the course, helping to make sure that ‘every drive is an experience to savour’, says Jaguar Land Rover.

There are improvements to the way the updated Range Rover Sport holds the road, too. The new ‘Stormer Handling Pack’ gives you Land Rover’s ‘Dynamic Response Pro’ electronic active roll control system, as well as all-wheel steering, an electronic Active Differential with torque vectoring by braking, and it can all be dialled-in to your personal taste.

Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control is also making its debut on the Range Rover Sport, which intelligently adjusts your speed depending on the terrain you’re trying to traverse.

Meanwhile you can also expect a plush and cosseting ride, too, now that ‘Dynamic Air Suspension’ - aka switchable-volume air springs - is fitted to every New Range Rover Sport as standard.

When it comes to powertrains, you’re spoilt for choice. As mentioned above, there’ll be an all-electric Range Rover Sport in the line-up by 2024 - the first ever full EV Range Rover.

But until then, you can get your mitts on both blistering sports car performance from a 530 PS V8 twin turbo, or there’s also a choice of two frugal plug-in hybrids.

The V8 is quick - getting you from 0-60mph in just 4.3 seconds with the launch control engaged.

On the PHEV front, the extended range Electric Hybrid is available from launch with 510PS, a range of up to 460 miles and CO2 emissions of just 18 g/km.

And if none of the above grabs you, there’s also a choice of six-cylinder 48V mild-hybrid Ingenium petrol and diesel engines.

Also, when you’re watching the 16 minute long Range Rover Sport launch video, spare a thought for racing driver Jessica… as it looks like she really did risk life and limb starring in it.

Jessica, who worked as a stunt driver on 2021’s No Time to Die, says: 

“The power of the water surging down the spillway was breath-taking from the side of the valley. Driving into it knowing that a 90-metre drop was waiting behind me at the bottom of the slope, if things went wrong, made this the most challenging drive I’ve ever undertaken.

“Despite the steep slope and rushing water, New Range Rover Sport made it look easy. Its traction, composure and commanding visibility inspired so much confidence I was able to enjoy the whole experience.”

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