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Is the Renault Trezor most beautiful concept ever..!?

First unveiled back in 2016, the Renault ‘Trezor’ two-seat, all-electric concept car is generating a fresh wave of interest across social media.

And here’s everything you need to know about this utterly ‘out there’ Grand Tourer.

In the last few days you might have spotted a video showing automotive influencer Supercar Blondie running the rule over the Trezor in an online post, where the journalist calls it the ‘most advanced’ concept going.

She’s not the only one to be blown away by it. In 2017, the Trezor was named the ‘Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year’ at Italy’s prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

But what makes the Trezor so special - and if it’s been six years since it was first spied, why isn’t it tearing up roads yet?

The Tezor first saw light of day at the Mondial De L’Automobile Paris and stemmed from Renault’s performance in Formula E. The French firm promised power of 250 hp, peak torque of 380 Nm and a 0-62mph sprint time under four seconds.

There are two batteries, one at the front and one at the rear and each of which has its own cooling system, coupled to rear-wheel-drive for max ‘driving pleasure’.

And while that’s impressive, what really catches the eye is the way the Trezor looks. It’s wide, ultra-low for optimum stability, and sits on huge rims - 21 inch at the front, 22 inch at the back for that haunched, aggressive stance.

There’s a one-piece ‘clamshell’ roof that opens ‘like the lid of a jewellery box’, says Renault, to reveal a lavish red interior - complete with a red wood dash.

The honeycomb carbon bodywork - complete with active front air intake - makes the Trezor look as if it’s ‘actually breathing’, according to Renault.

Meanwhile traditional brake lights are jettisoned in favour of ‘rope like’ red laser fibre-optics, which twist and tighten under braking.

And let’s just say that getting in and out of the Trezor should be an experience. A Renault spokesperson adds: 

“This style of entry is a throwback to the world of classic racing cars, wherein drivers felt as one with their machines. The sporting and sensual manner of entry is accentuated by the red leather trim for the upper part of the pillar. It looks almost like a saddle, so you might be mounting a steed just as easily as getting into a car. Ingress is facilitated by automatically reclining headrests.”

The Trezor was billed to have autonomous driving tech, though precise details of the level haven’t yet been revealed.

And while the idea was to have the Trezor ready for production by 2020, that clearly hasn’t quite happened yet. With new armies of admirers clamouring for it, let’s hope a full-blown, road-ready Trezor is still in the pipeline.  

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