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Distinctive new BMW 7 Series even has its own cinema screen

Whether you choose an electrified powertrain or a traditional engine, there’s power galore with the facelifted new BMW 7 Series.

It’s the new i7 - the first ever all-electric 7 Series from BMW and which launches with an ‘xDrive60’ model - that is really generating headlines, coming as it does with power of 544hp and max torque of 745 Nm.

An even more potent BMW i7 M70 xDrive will follow later in 2023.

And, across the board, the 7 Series is dripping in tech - not least the optional 31.3 inch ‘BMW Theatre Screen’ with Amazon Fire TV built-in!

This colossal screen folds out from the roof and spreads horizontally to cover almost the entire width of the rear of the interior. It even comes with a surround system that employs 36 speakers and two pairs of Bluetooth headphones.

It’s fair to say, then that the passengers in the rear will be suitably entertained. And so will those behind the wheel.

Starting with the all-wheel-drive i7 xDrive60, lease customers can expect a huge 101.7 kWh battery that provides enough oomph to accelerate from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds. If you want to know more, we've got a helpful guide on what kW and kWh really mean.

The quoted range for the i7 is between 367 - 388 miles, which is just shy of the 453 miles you might experience with the Mercedes-Benz EQS, depending on conditions.

The high-voltage battery in the i7 is heated using a dedicated 5.5 kW electric flow heater, which should stop the range dipping when the weather turns cold.

There’s also clever energy recuperation at play, too - a system that’s now able to take downhill sections and information from the traffic-light recognition function into account.

A BMW spokesperson explains: 

“Adaptive recuperation generally allows the intensity of brake energy regeneration during overrun and braking to be automatically optimised for the road situation, as detected using data from the navigation system and the driver assistance systems’ sensors. When approaching a junction, for example, the level of recuperation can be increased – even if route guidance isn’t activated – thereby feeding energy back into the high-voltage battery while harnessing the deceleration effect at the same time. On the open road, meanwhile, the coasting function can take over, allowing the car to “freewheel” with no drive power whenever the driver eases off the accelerator. Energy is no longer supplied to the two electric motors in this state, meaning no battery power is consumed.”

There’s super-rapid charging at up to 195 kW DC, allowing 106 miles of range to be added in just ten minutes. Range anxiety stopping you from considering electric? Take a peak at our longest range EVs of the year.

And if going fully-electric still doesn’t quite grab you, worry not - as there’s also two plug-in hybrid models that’ll be joining the 7 Series range alongside the i7.

Those PHEVs are the 750e xDrive and a proper BMW ‘M car’ - the BMW M760e xDrive. The latter of those two has stonking power of 571 hp as well as frugal fuel economy of up to 256 mpg.

Elsewhere, the BMW 7 Series has grown in size slightly - 130mm in length and 48mm in width - to offer more interior space and more comfy seating in the rear.

And, style wise, the front-end is the most eye-catching redesign, which combines an illuminated BMW kidney grille with two-piece split headlight units, to give the 7 Series a ‘highly distinctive presence’, says the German firm.

Everywhere you look, there’s an air of sophistication, from the lounge-like cabin to the fact that four-zone automatic climate control is fitted as standard.

A panoramic glass sunroof is standard spec, as is two-axle air suspension and active rear steering for a truly serene ride quality.

When it comes to driver assistance and safety features, intelligent cruise control, and the BMW ‘Driving Assistant’ comes as standard, which includes Lane Change Warning with active lane return, Rear Collision Prevention and rear crossing traffic warning including braking function.

Also new is the ‘exit warning’ function, which provides a safety boost when the vehicle is stationary.

The BMW spokesperson adds: 

“If a vehicle or cyclist is approaching the new 7 Series at speed, meaning there’s a risk of collision on either side of the car if a door were to be opened, the occupants are alerted to the danger by an acoustic signal and either flashing LEDs in the mirror or the ambient lighting and BMW Interaction Bar. The doors are also prevented from opening automatically.”

The BMW i7 xDrive60 is priced from £107,400 to buy outright, with the first UK deliveries expected to commence from December 2022, while the cost of the other 7 Series variants is due to be revealed in the coming months.

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