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Car and Van Leasing Update: Pickup and Vans Special

With recent independent industry data highlighting more and more people taking a car leasing arrangement than ever before, it’s never been a better time to get into a brand-new pickup, or van lease deal.

Recent 2019 statistics from the independent leasing industry association regarding personal car leasing highlighted a healthy 6% year on year increase in the personal contract fleet size, to over 2 million vehicles now being personally leased in the UK. This is in stark contrast to just 1.1million people taking a personal lease in 2014, a growth of close to 80% for the personal car leasing category in just a 6 year period.

With a hassle-free approach to getting a brand new car, car leasing offers the perfect opportunity for people to drive the car they’ve always wanted, but without all the problems that come with car ownership. Car leasing gives the user the simplest way to a new car, there’s minimal capital outlay, fixed known costs and all leading car models are available to lease from the comfort of your home. In addition, there’s no selling at the end of the lease arrangement, as well as complete options on the website to include maintenance and breakdown cover and road tax is even covered too!

Need a car AND a van? Grab a Pickup Lease!

Over the past few years the pickup and van automotive market has experienced a revolution in terms of types and styles of vehicles being produced by all the manufacturers. Pickup cars in particular have experienced a boom in sales.

Why is this? Because they are the ultimate utility vehicle, providing their drivers with all the mod cons and technology benefits of a modern car whilst at the same time the functional and practical benefits of a truck or van. Models such as the Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger have become very popular amongst people who either commute or run a day job during the week and want to juggle this with an adventurous social life.

The van leasing market has also seen a seismic change in automotive models available, with the key manufacturers such as Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Citroen, Vauxhall and Peugeot all creating a variety of compact, medium and large van and truck offerings to suit all tastes and desires.

Six of The Best Pickup Lease and Van Leasing Deals - June 2020

Here's our list of six of the best van and car leasing pickup offers for June that are great value right now. And if you want to see a few more incredible deals then visit our unique special offers page with 40 of the best car leasing deals updated every single day, or alternatively you can simply visit our van leasing site here.

Mitsubishi L200 from £169 per month


Mitsubishi’s smash-hit pickup is now in its sixth-generation and continuing to shift in incredible numbers. Thanks to a wealth of standard equipment, a versatile design and gutsy engine range, Mitsubishi L200 lease is one of the best value for money choices on today’s market. Our favourite is the Barbarian model, but an all-round upgrade can be found in the Challenger and Warrior trim levels of the L200 as well.

Ford Ranger from £239 per month

The 'Ford F150 Lite', Ford Ranger is a durable, workhorse pickup truck that adapts perfectly for balancing commercial work with your lifestyle needs. With a payload of up to 1,260kg, the Ford Ranger is comfortable tackling any job you throw at it’s sturdy design. Power-hungry drivers will want to consider car lease deals on the sporty, eye-catching 'Wildtrak' trim which packs a knockout performance pun

Nissan Navara from £205 per month


Bringing sharp design, technology and comfort to a market that traditionally focused on rugged off-road performance, the swashbuckling Navara is best known for its impressive comfort and driver-first interior. It's creature comforts might not be one for the purists, but moving that  aside, the Navara represents one of the most practical cars on today’s market and a serious option against most more costly SUV rivals.

Peugeot Partner from £129 per month

This compact van is the perfect day-to-day run around, combining all-important convenience with fantastic running costs. Driving a new van is all about making life easier and the Peugeot Partner fits this bill perfectly. One of the best panel vans available for lease, the Partner has been showered with awards since it arrived, including a prestigious trophy in the form of ‘Light Van of the Year’ from WhatVan? In 2020.

Citroen Dispatch from £155 per month

The Dispatch is a comfortable, affordable mid-size van and a consistent strong-seller in Citroen’s commercial line-up. Available with three wheelbase options, a range of efficient engines and an impressive payload of 1,600kg the Citroen Dispatch is one of the most practical vans of its class. Coming in at just under £160 per month, the Dispatch is a great choice for those with a keen eye for a bargain and one of the best value for money van leasing deals in 2020

Ford Transit from £229 per month

One of motoring’s most recognised names, the Ford Transit remains the ultimate all-rounder in the van market. The Ford Transit continues to be an easy-to-drive van that keeps expenses down and comes with an attractive reliability record. In it's largest form, the Transit offers an unrivalled set of equipment, practical features and economical engines to make every job easier.

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