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The Benefits of Personal Car Leasing

There are many benefits to personal car leasing, including cost effectiveness, smart use of your money, peace of mind and the hassle-free enjoyment of driving a brand-new vehicle.

  • Drive a brand-new car… car leasing's affordability provides the opportunity to drive the latest models, most up-to-date technology, car specifications and safety features
  • Drive a new car every 2 to 5 years… with car leasing you can enjoy changing to another new car every 2 to 5 years
  • Avoid the problems and expenses of ageing cars… the first 3-4 years of a cars’ life tend to be problem free, so you avoid the issues and costs that often come with older cars
  • Ongoing affordability… a car lease usually offers the lowest upfront and lowest monthly instalment options for driving a new vehicle
  • Protect your savings… a smaller deposit or initial payment is typically required compared with other options, leaving your hard-earned savings available for other things

  • Drive a better car… car leasing’s sheer cost effectiveness vs. other finance options means you may well find you can drive a better car than you expected
  • All in one fixed-cost motoring… pre-set monthly installments, all-inclusive manufacturer warranty and road tax plus maintenance options means every month you’ll always know exactly what you’ll be paying out
  • No depreciating asset… most vehicles lose 50–60% of their value in the first three years, but with car leasing you avoid this financial loss because you don’t own the vehicle
  • No selling hassle at the end… with car leasing you don’t have the problem and concern of selling the car when you’ve finished with it, you simply hand back the keys

What's Included?

Full Manufacturer's Warranty

All our vehicles come with a full manufacturer's warranty that typically covers the full period of your lease.

Breakdown Cover

All our vehicles come with manufacturer provided breakdown cover. This means that should you breakdown, depending on what's required, you'll either receive help getting your car restarted at the roadside or alternatively, you and your car will be taken to the nearest repair garage. Additional breakdown benefits may also be offered depending upon your contract and the manufacturer.


MOTs are only required for vehicles older than 3 years (the age of the vehicle starting from teh date of the vehicle's registration), therefore an MOT is not something many leasers need think about. If your lease is longer than 3 years, then legally your vehicle will need to undergo an MOT. If you have a maintenance package then both the cost and the arrangements for the MOT will be included as part of your package.

Road Tax

Road Tax is an excise duty applied to most types of vehicles that are driven (or parked) on UK public roads. Your lease vehicle will come with its Road Tax paid.

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