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Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up Lease

The Mitsubishi L200 is another pickup which is causing quite a great deal of interest in the UK and has arguably re-energized the Mitsubishi brand on these shores. With a defining and unique bodystyle the Mitsubishi L200 is certainly a recognizable presence on the roads. It's also got one of the most practical and comfortable interiors of almost all of it's competitors and has certainly made a name for itself since it's release. The vehicle has been in production since 1978 but it's only in recent times that it has begun to become so widely popular in Britain.

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Mitsubishi L200 Lease is strongly worth considering when it comes to obtaing your next commercial vehicle. As with many pickup vehicles there are a number of different body styles to choose from and its important to make yourself aware of each individual one before choosing your specific vehicle. The Double Cab Four Door, Two Door Club Cab and Two Door Single Cab all have their own varying benefits. Though the Double Cab comes the most highly recommended - excelling in terms of comfort and storage.

Mitsubishi L200 Leasing

The L200 has an incredible amount of storage and offers a strong amount of loading space. While it's not designed for tight city parking, the L200 does have some options which can be added in order to aid this problem. With a length of over 5,000mm it's not going to fall down on this front and the width of 1,750 is more than adequate. Most of that width is accounted for in the rear bay, demonstrating there is plenty of space for all needs.

Mitsubishi L200 Contract Hire

If you would like any more information on Mitsubishi L200 Contract Hire please get in contact with our helpful sales team, call: 0118 338 3799 or email: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk

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Mitsubishi L200 Frequently Asked Questions

Mitsubishi’s reputation for rugged reliability is known worldwide, and a lot of that is thanks to the L200, or Triton as it’s known around much of the globe. It’s a tough truck that will do a hard day’s work, but it’s not so massive as to be unwieldy in the city, making it ideally suited to a dual-purpose life. An ultra-modern aesthetic stands out against other pickups, with the chrome blades across the front of the truck creating a distinctive and instantly recognisable image, while also adding a touch of class to create a premium feel. Leasing an L200 means you’ll be getting the best of all worlds. 

There’s an enormous range of L200s to choose from, which means there’s a dizzying array of leasing options available. The workhorse 4Life models sit at one end of the range, offering solid and rugged capabilities at the expense of some of life’s luxuries, while the Barbarian X throws every possible piece of equipment you can imagine into the mix, so it’s a case of picking the right model for your needs and checking out the impressive Select Car Leasing model chooser to find the right lease deal. The prices are kept bang up to date, so you’re assured of always having our very best deal. 

The best-selling L200 is the Barbarian X, and that’s got enough luxury equipment on board to make even Mercedes-Benz pay attention. LED headlights, dual-zone climate control, heated leather seats, a 360-degree camera and even a heated steering wheel are all included in your monthly lease payment, making it easy to afford the ultimate levels of luxury in a working truck. Should you venture onto the building site or off-road, the four-wheel-drive system and countless computer aids will ensure you’re kept moving under even the most extreme conditions. 

The list of safety equipment included on the L200 is too long to list here, but the brochure lists more than 25 essential pieces of equipment or technology - there’s everything from automatic emergency braking and lane departure warnings to emergency brake assist and trailer sway control. Most models have LED headlights to inspire confidence when driving at night, too. While boot space is obviously significant - if you can call the spacious load box a boot - the cabin is also roomy thanks to the double-cab design. You’ll find plenty of elbow room and headroom for all, even in the back. 

Mitsubishi has split the range into the 4Life working trucks that sacrifice some luxury to appeal to those pushing them hard in muddy farms or tough construction sites. For those wanting something more dual purpose, the range extends from Trojan, through warrior and Barbarian, to the range-topping Barbarian X. All come well equipped, but it’s the Barbarian models that have the most option boxes ticked, which is why they’re also the best selling models. Thanks to low monthly leasing rates and the mysteries of production volumes, it’s sometimes cheaper to pick a higher-spec model so make sure you check out the latest leasing rates for the best deals. 

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