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Choosing the Right Bodystyle

There are a whole host of different lease cars out there to enjoy - and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

What bodystyle is right for you?

When it comes to vehicles the UK loves, the hatchback could easily be seen as the king of the road. All the top four best-selling cars of 2021 are hatchbacks - in the shape of the Vauxhall Corsa, Ford FiestaVolkswagen Golf and the Mercedes-Benz A Class- and there’s a reason they’re so easy to live with as a lease.

First of all, the ‘hatch’ at the back is important. Rather than the type of boot you see on a Saloon, the hatch opens nice and wide, allowing easy access to the boot and rear seats. A Hatchback also gives you the nimbleness you need for negotiating busy traffic, they’re easy to park, and yet there’s still room for the whole family. If you want some excitement from your Hatchback, that’s where Select Car Leasing’s performance, or ‘hot’, hatches come into their own.

A word you might have heard repeatedly in recent years is ‘Crossover’ - and this is another extremely popular lease category. A Crossover car essentially takes all the best bits of an SUV and marries them with all the best bits of a Hatchback. You get a high ride height for maximum visibility, sturdy, imposing styling, as well as good ground clearance and - in some cases at least - four wheel drive.

SUV more your style?

And yet despite the SUV design cues, a crossover is still a doddle to drive and park because they’re much more compact than a regular SUV. Some great examples of recent crossovers include the Nissan Juke, Ford Puma, Toyota C-HR, Skoda Kamiq and the Volkswagen T-Roc.

Speaking of SUVs, there’s a fantastic choice of lease options with Select Car Leasing, and you’ll find an SUV to cater for all budgets. This is a market that includes everything from the ultra-affordable Dacia Duster to more exotic lease vehicles like the Aston Martin DBX and the Mercedes-Benz G Class.

Looking for a practical, everyday lease?

An Estate car might also be an attractive offering for a lot of people. Recent additions to the market include the sporty Peugeot 508 PS SW and the Ford Focus ST Estate, and these powerful vehicles prove that owning a car with an enormous boot doesn’t have to be boring.

Meanwhile estates like the Skoda Octavia, Mercedes E-Class Estate and the BMW 3 Series Touring give you all the practicality, space, and low running costs you’d ever need.

If space and practicality is the key consideration for you when choosing a lease car, check out our collection of fabulous 7 seaters and spacious MPVs. Here you’ll find the Audi Q5, the SEAT Tarraco and the luxurious BMW X7, as well as the recently refreshed BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

If you’re confused or unsure about any aspect of leasing a car, give the Select Car Leasing team a call on 0118 467 9189

Nothing catch your eye?

There are numerous other body types to choose from when picking your dream lease car, from Convertibles and Coupes, to executive Saloons and City cars. To explore everything on offer, check out our 'Bodytype Search' tab on the homepage.

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