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Mitsubishi Outlander SUV
2.4 PHEV Exceed 5dr Auto [2020]

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Deal Summary

  • Lease Type:
  • P11D: £41,650.00
  • Initial Payment: 9 months
  • Contract Length: 48 months
  • Annual Mileage: 5,000 miles
  • Maintenance: No thanks
  • Arrangement Fee: i £195.00 plus VAT
  • Road Tax: Included
  • Breakdown Cover: Included
  • Delivery: Free UK Mainland
  • Colour/Trim: Undecided
  • Options: Undecided

Excess mileage fees may apply.
Underwriting restrictions may apply.

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'After researching the market for a recent lease hire these guys were £100/month cheaper than other suppliers for the same model car. Great customer service and advice, everything processed smoothly and zero hassles with car delivery. Top notch service, thank you.'
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  • Apple CarplayApple Carplay
  • Leather SeatsLeather Seats
  • Sat NavSat Nav
  • AlloysAlloys
  • Cruise ControlCruise Control

Vehicle info

  • Manufacturer OTROTR: £41,705.00
  • Fuel typeFuel: Petrol Plugin
  • No. of SeatsSeats:
  • RangeRange: miles
  • Battery CapacityBattery: kWh
  • Connector TypeConnector:
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • 0-62mph: SECS
  • Engine PowerPower: BHP
  • Engine powerPower: BHP
  • 0-620-62: SECS
  • Top SpeedTop Speed: MPH
  • Engine SizeSize: CC
  • GearboxGearbox: AUTOMATIC
  • Combined MPGComb. MPG: MPG
  • Urban MPGUrban MPG: MPG
  • Service Interval MilesService Miles:
  • Service Interval MonthsService Mths:
  • Extra Urban MPGExt. Urban MPG: MPG
  • CO2CO2: G/KM
  • Number of seatsNo. of seats:
  • NCAP ratingNCAP:
  • LengthLength: mm
  • WidthWidth: mm
  • Boot SpaceBoot Space: cm3
  • HeightHeight: mm

Std Equipment

i Vehicle data is provided by a 3rd party, therefore we encourage you to check all equipment on configurator of manufacturer's website prior to order.
i Options unavailable at the moment – please call for more information

    Tech Data

    i Options unavailable at the moment – please call for more information

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      Independent review


      The smallest model in Mitsubishi's commercial vehicle range is the Outlander Commercial. It might also be the best. Jonathan Crouch checks out what's on offer.

      Ten Second Review

      SUV commercial vehicles might seem like a hopelessly small market niche to some, but not to Mitsubishi. The Japanese marque takes the off-road van sector more seriously than just about anyone else and its Outlander Commercial model has established itself a strong reputation amongst business people who drive through mud for a living. As the name suggests, this is a van version of the Outlander passenger SUV and it's built to deliver comfort on the road while inspiring confidence in the rough.


      Take the pick-up truck out of the equation and UK 4x4 commercial vehicle sales don't amount to much. The top pick-ups like Mitsubishi's own L200 have been shifting 10,000 units annually in the UK for a good few years now but 4x4 vans traditionally struggle to break through the 500 unit barrier. Despite this modest demand, a number of manufacturers used to still take the plunge and offer commercial vehicle versions of their SUVs, competing brands once including Land Rover, Kia and Nissan. Now only Mitsubishi and SsangYong compete in this segment, offering commercial vehicle versions of their respective Outlander and Korando models. These contenders remain because they're so easy to produce. The brands concerned already have the base vehicle and from there it's just a case of removing the rear seats, installing a flat load floor, panelling over the rear windows and Bob's your uncle. So long as it's decided that the existence of a van won't harm the image of the stronger-selling passenger car version, it's a case of; well, why not?

      Driving Experience

      Most Outlander Commercial sales are of the diesel model. This variant features a 150PS 2.2-litre unit that gets to 62mph from rest in about 10s en route to 124mph. When it comes to off-road driving, attention turns to the circular dial positioned behind the Outlander's handbrake. This operates the AWC (All Wheel Control) system and allows the driver to switch the transmission on the fly between 2WD, 4WD Auto and 4WD Lock modes. Two wheel drive should be selected in good conditions on the tarmac to improve efficiency but when the going gets slippery the Auto mode can sense when traction is lost by the front wheels and divert as much as 30% of the available torque aft. The 4WD lock mode lock the transmission into a 50/50 split between the front and rear wheels for maximum grip when driving in difficult off-road conditions. The Outlander lacks the ground clearance, rugged suspension and underbody protection of a truly focused off-roader but it will trundle over some serious obstacles. The flip side of this is a very comfortable ride and good body control when driving on the road. The alternative to the diesel derivative is the PHEV Plug-in hybrid version, which offers a 2.0-litre petrol engine aided by a 70KW generator and a couple of 80bhp electric motors, one at the front, one at the rear, giving all wheel drive and a combined power output in the region of 220bhp. It's quite a remarkable vehicle, which most of the time will operate under battery power alone across its three driving modes.

      Design and Build

      The Outlander is based on a mid-sized SUV, which means its dimensions are more compact than the kind of mid-sized van you could buy for similar money. These facelifted models feature a revised look, with 'Dynamic Shield' frontal treatment that includes LED daytime running lights, a 3D grille, restyled bumpers and mildly different tail treatment. The bumpers also add 40mm to the overall length, making this current Outlander Commercial look a little lower and sleeker than its predecessor. The interior is of a simple design, with clean surfaces and big, malleable controls that could easily be operated while wearing gloves. Some of the plastics aren't of the finest quality and don't feel as tough as might be necessary in a hard-working 4x4, but the amount of space on offer for the driver and front passenger is ample.

      Market and Model

      Pricing for this Outlander Commercial stats at around £22,500 ex vat for the diesel model, a variant that comes with all the equipment basics. These include automatic rain and dusk sensors, cruise control, a 6-speaker CD audio system, LED Daytime Running Lights, an auto dimming rear view mirror, an adjustable speed limiter, dual front/side/curtain and driver's knee SRS airbags and the Mitsubishi Active Stability & Traction Control system. If you want the PHEV plug-in hybrid version, there's a choice of two variants - the standard 'PHEV 3h' priced at just over £23,000 and the better-equipped 'PHEV Juro', which costs around £24,000. The PHEV variants come with 18-inch alloy wheels, Hill start assist, privacy glass, front fog lamps, rear parking sensors, electric heated and folding door mirrors, dual-zone automatic climate control, a Bluetooth hands-free phone kit and silver roof rails.

      Practicalities and Costs

      The Outlander Commercial's load volume measures around 2.0 cubic metres and buyers are offered a 705kg payload. Like its 4x4 van rivals, the Outlander has a rear tailgate, giving good access to the load area, but making it difficult to load with a fork lift truck. On the other hand, the tailgate offers decent weather protection for anyone working at the rear of the vehicle. The load area is completely flat and mirrors the Outlander's length at 180cm from tailgate to the partial steel bulkhead. That bulkhead between the cab and load area is standard-fit and features a solid-steel lower and mesh upper section. The wheel arches take up quite a lot of space in the load area, restricting width to 995mm. Towing will be an important consideration for 4x4 van owners, and the Outlander can tow a respectable 2,000kg braked trailer - as much as a rival SsangYong Korando. On to running costs. This Outlander offers a combined-cycle fuel consumption figure of 53.3mpg. Service intervals are every 9,000 miles/12 months and insurance for the diesel version is rated at group 22.


      The Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial has the nuggety toughness operators look for in a vehicle that they're about to put through the mill. If you undertake really tough off-road excursions on a daily basis, this compact SUV-based van may not be the model for you but its mix of reasonable prowess in the rough with polished on-road dynamics is difficult to beat in this sector. Engine-wise, most operators will be perfectly well-served by the less expensive 2.2-litre diesel unit, but the more relaxed 2.0-litre PHEV petrol/electric powerplant may make sense for those covering shorter urban mileages. The Outlander converts well into commercial vehicle form, with its attractive looks and no-nonsense interior. Some additional storage space in the cab area would have been nice and the materials aren't all of the highest quality but there's plenty of space and the load bay is suitably large. On the road, you get composed cornering and a reasonably comfortable ride. Probably better suited to the town than to country, this is still one of the better SUV vans on the market.

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