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Honda Lease

Founded in 1948, Honda began life by producing a line of highly popular motorcycles and scooters. Read more

Honda is now one of the most famous and successful car manufacturers in the world. It's often considered one of 'the big three' car manufacturers in its native Japan, alongside Nissan and Toyota.

Leasing a Honda gives you a very wide choice of vehicles, all at the forefront of safety, comfort and the latest clean engines. When you lease a car, you want to be sure you’re benefitting from market-leading technology and you can be safe in the knowledge this is the case with our Honda lease deals. The brand’s technology is being continually adapted, with an increasing focus on hybrid versions of their most popular cars.

When you choose a Honda lease with Select Car Leasing you have the option to drive some leading vehicles in the market; from the nimble, practical Honda Civic to the smart, stylish SUVs; the CR-V and HR-V. With Honda lease, you now have the chance to drive one of the most unique and impressionable cars on today's market, the retro Honda E. This full electric car is great for keeping costs to a minimum on the road and showcases high quality style and detailing inside.

Honda began their journey with many top of the range motorcycles, eventually expanding to automobiles with the T360 mini pick-up in 1963. Since then, Honda's quality and care for automobiles has accelerated and they now boast one of the most executive and appealing model line-ups in the industry. Honda leasing continues to grow in popularity and its perhaps not hard to see why when you consider the appeal of vehicles such as the Honda Civic and Honda Jazz which have become regular sights on UK roads.

Our team of consultants have an abundance of knowledge, will always endeavor to provide you with the most competitive quote and the most suitable deal for you. Please call us today on: 0118 920 5130 or email: enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk.

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