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Volkswagen Passat GTE Lands

The all-new Passat GTE has been unveiled ahead of it's official world premiere at the Motor Show in Paris next week. The vehicle - based on the eight generation Passat - is the third plug-in hybrid from Volkswagen, following in the footsteps of the mildly successful XL1 and Golf GTE. The vehicle is penciled in to be avialble in the second quarter of 2015.

The GTE has undergone a number of aesthetic changes. For example, a restyled front bumper that gives the car a fiercer look - perhaps something that's been missing from the hybrid scene. Blue accents on the front grille also give a sharper look to the vehicle, and means it stays a way from the bland look that similar models have been chastised for. Larger alloy wheels will also feature alongside the impressive C-shaped LED lights. In terms of the interior, blue ambient lighting will be the focal point, alongside leather-trimmed flat bottom steering wheel. Blue is definetly a big part of the car, although assumedly Volkswagen don't want you to feel blue when you're driving it. That'd suck.

The transmission for Volkswagen's latest foray into the hybrid market will be a six-speed dual-clutch automatic. The GTE will be powered via a petrol-electric hybrid sytem that will include a 1.4- liter TSI petrol unit to be rated at 156 HP - not too shabby wouldn't you agree, what's better is that this will have the support of an electric motor with 115 HP, giving a total output of 218 HP.

The fuel consumption for the vehicle is likely to check in at 141 mpg and 13.0 kWh/100km (this is technical but bear with me) turning out at CO2 emissions of 45g/km. The car's range will be 1000 km (622 miles) on a full 50 liter and lithium-ion battery. 0-62mph will take less than eight seconds.

So what's the overall verdict? Well, at the moment this could be a star-turned for Volkswagen. Traditionally not massively successful on the hybrid front, this has the hallmarks of a real show stealer for them in Paris from October 2nd onwards.

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