Will.I.Am Reveals Lexus NXT F Sport
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Will.I.Am Reveals Lexus NXT F Sport

Lexus have recruited the mercurial music artist Will.I.Am for their marketing campaign for the new Lexus NX. The American will feature heavily in the manufacturers PR strategy, and stars alongside the NX in it's new TV advert. The grammy award-winning artist has also created what Lexus is describing as a 'bespoke version' of the NX adding his own ingredients and entreprenerial touch to what is shaping up to be a fantastic vehicle. This isn't unchartered territory for the Voice judge, having been vocal in his support for electric vehicles on countless occasions, as well as being a proud Tesla owner and advocate for the de-dieselisation of the planet's roads. 

His take on the Lexus was revealed at an exclusive launch party in Paris, and we certainly can't question his motoring tastes - perhaps his fashion - but definitely not his vehicular preferences. The special edition 'NX 200t F Sport' might not have a punchy name, but will certainly be packing a few surprises when it gets in the ring next year. With the latest in-car technology featuring heavily, as well as a sharp and toned exterior that creates a sporty outlook and aims to tempt younger customers with the joys of celebrity endorsement. 

Technology is the area which has gleaned the most attention from Mr I.Am and his production team, and first off you won't be surprised to learn that the vehicle is packed with a premium audio system, which Lexus & Will.I.Am hope will be blaring out such tunes as 'It's my birthday' and '#thatpower'. The system is made up of a 10 speaker Pioneer Surround Sound and includes 16.5cm speakers in the front and rear doors as well as 6.5cm speakers in the instrument panel. Another focal point of the array of exclusive features, will be four 180 degree cameras able to capture panoramic photographs and videos while driving, presumably for those 'unmissable' moments. The system will be built into the customised bodywork, and will transmit media instantly on the driver and passengers smartphone screens. This is super high-tech and it's quite exciting even to write about - looking good so far William. Lexus's very own Wireless Charging Tray will also feature - located in the centre console box - allowing smartphones to be recharged via placing on the tray. 

The enginge itself, will perhaps, not be completely to the hip-hop stars suiting,  but that's not to say it doesn't serve up a delightful surprise. A 2.0 litre VVT-iW turbo petrol engine with a six speed automatic transmission. The vehicle will provide a 235bhp/175kW with an excitingly ambitious  350Nm of torque. 0-62 will be attainable in 7.1 seconds, demonstrating the job has been taken pretty seriously, and not as just another celebrity plugging. For now, anyway.

But can the musical maverick provide #thatpullingpower? Well, Lexus certainly seem to be confident and when talking about his special version of the NX, he was certainly enthused: 

"When I found out Lexus wanted me to be involved in the Striking Angles campaign, my first thought was, can I design a car with you? I am honoured to be launching my bespoke Lexus NX F Sport in Paris, this car is super fresh and incorporates my personal style. My point of view is, the best kind of design will encourage other people to interpret that design."

The word 'bespoke' is being banded round quite liberally here with the Head of Lexus Europe, Alan Uyttenhoven adding:

“Working with will.i.am to produce a bespoke take on the NX has been a fantastic experience. We were immediately struck by his passion to take the bold design of the NX F Sport to a whole new level. The striking design of the NX has already captured the imagination of customers worldwide and will.i.am’s interpretation extends the car’s personality and character in a new direction that embodies his creativity and vision.”

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