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Amazing New Innovations Coming To Mercedes Lease Cars Of The Future

Mercedes have always been a highly innovative and forward-thinking car manufacturer and are often the first to showcase the latest in-car gadgets and gismos. Leading the way for over 50 years has been the iconic S-Class, which is set to be the first to include the latest drivetrain technologies, interior features and safety systems.

Amazing New Tech Coming To Mercedes Lease Cars Of The Future

Among the innovations being investigated by Mercedes are gesture controls, 3D printed trim pieces, lightweight one-piece seats and air vents. The gesture controls are set to be the big major change which will affect the overall driving experience; however these will only be used for features which it will benefit effectively.

Mercedes’ chief interior designer Jan Kaul says “Yes, we are working on gesture controls for some functions, but of course, using hand signals is not right for everything”, he explained miming hand gestures. “For example, if you are inputting a destination to the navigation, this is easier with voice recognition or a menu than gestures. But it is something we are continuing to work on, and you will see it soon”.

The other major development is the 3D printed panels and seats which will bring new possibilities to interior design which weren’t possible in the past. Jan says “these are coming very soon. The [one piece] seats are difficult because we must make the stitching and leather last the life of the car, but our designers are working very hard”.

Other rival manufacturers are currently developing a host of other innovations which they hope will put them ahead in the next round of luxury car releases. Both Audi and Tesla are currently testing large touchscreens for their dashboard displays, but Kaul says “it is something we will look at, but we only do things because they are right for us, not because our rivals do.”

Mercedes lease cars have always been highly popular, as many people who take out contract hire often want to have the latest technological features on brand new vehicles. These new advances will be included in their next models which are due to be released in around 2017-18. This is also expected to be the time when other driving technologies such as self-driving cars are hoping to hit our roads, which could mean some radical changes may have taken over our roads by the end of the decade.

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