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Hot new Toyota Aygo X promises ‘touch of spice’

There’s a new crossover muscling into the market - this new Toyota Aygo X, which is preparing for launch next year.

Built exclusively for the European market, the Aygo X takes the standard Aygo city car and pretty much puts it on steroids. The Aygo X has more rugged styling that’s fit for an ‘adventure’, a more SUV-like stance, and bigger wheels.

Ian Cartabiano, Design Director at Toyota’s ‘ED2’ European Design and Development Centre, says:

“Everybody deserves a cool car… I’m really proud to say that the ED2 Team created exactly that. I’m excited to see it revolutionising the segment.”

So let’s start with the car’s dimensions, because it’s an important factor in considering how it’s different from the more traditional, and award-winning, Aygo.

Toyota says it has modified and ‘downsized’ the rear chassis section while implementing shorter front and rear overhangs to make it look more purposeful.

At 3,700mm long, the Aygo X is 235mm more stretched-out than its predecessor while the maximum wheel size is larger, at 18 inches. The Aygo X has an exceptionally small turning radius of just 4.7m, one of the tightest in the segment, which means it should be a doddle to park. 

Meanwhile the interior is roomier. The total body width has been boosted by 25mm to accommodate front seats that are 20mm further apart, increasing shoulder space by 45mm.

Luggage space has also been given a helping hand, with more load length and a smart space design behind the rear seats, increasing cargo capacity by more than 60 litres to 231 litres.

Crucially, the vehicle height has been increased by 50mm to 1,525mm, to give a more commanding view of the road while ground clearance has also been heightened by 11mm.

Toyota boasts that the tweaks give the Aygo X a ‘robust, go-anywhere attitude with its 40 per cent tyre-to-body ratio, befitting a crossover model.’

There’s a new wedged roofline, high-tech lamps at the front which hug the upper bonnet to form a wing-like shape, while, set lower to the ground, the large grille, fog lamps and skid plate all give a nod and a wink to SUVs in the Toyota stable, like the RAV4.

Elsewhere there’s also a new colour concept inspired by different spices - Cardamom, Chilli, Ginger and Juniper, and Toyota adds: 

“Each of these powerful spice colours contrasts with the bi-tone black of the roof and rear that makes Aygo X instantly recognisable.”

An optional retractable canvas top is also a really nice touch.

As well as the usual connectivity you’ve come to expect - including cloud-based sat nav - you can also enjoy Toyota’s usual attention to detail when it comes to safety. A ‘Safety Sense’ system employs a camera and radar to detect danger ahead - so you get things like daytime Cyclist Detection, Collision Mitigation Support functions, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Trace Assist and Emergency Steering Assist.

The Aygo X should also prove really economical to run. It’s powered by a 1.0 litre petrol engine with 71 bhp and which will return up to 60 mpg while emitting just 109 g/km of CO2.

Precise specifications - and price - will be confirmed near to launch.

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