Upcoming Citroen AMI to be left-hand drive in the UK
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Upcoming Citroen AMI to be left-hand drive in UK

The all-electric Citroen AMI is inching ever closer to a UK launch - and THIS is what you need to know about the vehicle that’s promising an ‘electric mobility solution designed for everybody’.

The Citroen AMI is an electrically-power ‘two seater mobility solution’ - don’t call it a car - that’s already been selling like hotcakes in Europe and beyond.

Earlier this year it scooped the 'Microcar of the Year' title in the GQ Car Awards 2021.

And now Citroen has revealed new information about its electric car market ‘disruptor’ ahead of the official launch in the Spring of 2022.

The first thing you need to know is that interest in the AMI appears buoyant. More than 1,000 reservations have already been placed since Citroen started accepting £250 refundable deposits.

The other thing to know about the AMI is that it will, bizarrely, be left-hand drive when it arrives in the UK.

The reason for this, says Citroen, is simple. A spokesperson explains: “One significant benefit of AMIs left-hand drive configuration when being driven in the UK, is that it will allow for a kerbside exit from the vehicle for the driver when parking at the roadside in a city centre.”

That should help to keep both drivers and cyclists - who are ever wary of doors being opened while overtaking cars - safe.

And Citroen says the AMI is a ‘daring response to the challenges faced in today’s cities and urban environments’.

So what will you get for your money, with the cost of an AMI likely to be around £6,000 to buy outright?

It’s powered by a 5.5kWh battery that recharges in just three hours from a standard electric socket - no need for a fancy adapter outside your home. 

The AMI will have a range of 43 miles between charges and a top speed of 28mph.

A Citroen spokesperson adds: “The AMI is a modern solution for modern mobility needs, like nipping around cities or popping to your local supermarket with zero fuss. AMI is the mobility solution for today, and tomorrow.”

Styling wise, it’s more attractive than other quadricycles we’ve seen, with designers taking inspiration from the classic Citroen 2CV.

It’ll be available as either a two or one-seater, the latter of which is the AMI Cargo and has more load space - perfect for city couriers.

And while the interior is fairly sparse, there’s a mobile phone docking bay and enough nook and crannies to stow your belongings.

Citroen adds: “AMI’s zero-emission credentials ensure it is exempt from Congestion and Ultra-low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charges. With London’s ULEZ due to be extended in October 2021, and other cities looking to introduce similar measures, AMI is a ‘future-proof’ solution to urban mobility concerns in many parts of the UK.”

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