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Why Not Podcast?

Over the past few years of chaos, podcasts have risen from the depths, taking over as one of the best ways to help with study, concentration and relaxation. Whether you're working from home, or taking on a daily commute, finding your perfect podcast can help elevate your situation.

While some drivers traditionally listen to music to soothe their nerves and alleviate stress, more and more are finding tranquillity and motivation by listening to podcasts.

Select Car Leasing, the UK’s leading vehicle leasing company, has put together the perfect playlist of pods to meet all the needs of motorists venturing back out there. 

General Manager Graham Conway said: 

“Listening to music can be good for the soul, but these days there are also so many inspirational and thought-provoking podcasts – especially as the country emerges into the ‘new normal’. Practising some mindfulness while you sit in a morning traffic jam could be just the ticket to getting your day off to a better start rather than blasting out rock music or listening to doom and gloom news reports on the radio. And if the kids are driving you mad during a trip to the beach, it might be smart to be prepared before boredom sets in."
“Whatever the issue, there’s a podcast solution.”

Here are Select Car Leasing’s top seven pod picks to get you through any journey:

Best for avoiding road rage

The Mindful Podcast helps listeners achieve a state of calm by appreciating what they have in life while becoming more caring and compassionate to others.

The 10-minute episodes cover topics such as ridding yourself of bad or destructive habits and feeling grateful for the smaller things in life.

Experts say the morning or evening commute is the ideal way to practice mindfulness, ensuring you arrive either at the office or back at home in a serene state.

Available on Apple Podcasts.

Best for nervous drivers

Anxiety Slayer has had more than 4.7 million downloads and is designed to help anyone who suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), panic attacks or anxiety. 

They’ve even done a specific episode about anxiety and driving, which will virtually hold your hand as you steer your way to a calmer, more chilled you.

Available on Podbean.

Best for getting your brain working

Thinking outside of your own little world, learning about and appreciating the challenges other people face, does wonders for the grey matter.

With subjects such as Satanism, the Stonewall Uprising and the El Nino weather phenomenon covered, the Stuff You Should Know podcast is perfect for stimulating your brain cells.

Hosts Josh and Chuck write for the HowStuffWorks website so have plenty of scope for subjects to cover – and with 1,600 episodes already available there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Stuff you should know is available here, on Apple Podcasts.

Best for commuters who hate their job

Work Trap is a podcast dedicated to the realisation of how much time we spend at work – and what we can do about it.

It tackles all aspects of office-related stresses and helps put issues back into perspective.

Hosts Harry, Andy and Eddy “air their dirty laundry” about their careers and offer the catharsis of hearing about other people’s problems to put your own in perspective.

You can listen to Work Trap here.

Best for having a laugh

There's nothing like a good giggle to snap yourself out of a bad mood – humour is, after all, the best medicine.

Two of the best rib-ticklers are the Adam Buxton Podcast, where the eponymous host chats and chuckles with some of his stand-up pals, and Athletic Mince – Bob Mortimer’s bizarre take on football and the wider world.

The Adam Buxton Podcast is available on Spotify.

Or, tune into Athletico Mince on Acast.

Best for staying alert

If traffic jams aren’t enough of a nightmare for you then why not scare yourself senseless with a horror podcast?

Classic 1973 scare flick The Exorcist has most movie fans hiding behind their hands in terror – and Inside The Exorcist takes it a step further. Listeners get the real story that inspired the spine-chilling Oscar winner.

Never mind road bumps, this will give you Goosebumps all the way home.

Inside The Exorcist can be heard here, on Apple Podcasts.

Best for calming the kids

Talking of nightmares, long and tiring road trips with the kids bickering in the back seat are enough to break even the most patient of people.

But help is at hand in the form of Peace Out, an entertaining podcast that will instil some calm and serenity. 

Featuring relaxation stories for kids, it helps to take the sting out of tense situations and, because it’s designed for bedtime listening, it might also encourage them to get a bit shut-eye, too.

That’s certainly something parents can dream of.

Get the Peace Out Podcast here, on Google Podcasts.

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