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Munro Mk_1 promises to be the ultimate electric commercial 4x4

Designed, engineered and to be built in Britain, the Munro Mk_1 will be "the world’s most capable all-electric 4x4" when it’s revealed on 5 December, according to the manufacturer.

Powered by an electric motor developing 700Nm of torque, the strictly utilitarian Munro Mk_1 will provide a driving range of around 150 miles. More important for commercial users working in rugged locations is the ability to traverse challenging terrain for as long as 16 hours on a single charge.

If that’s not enough, a modular battery system means users will be able to specify larger battery packs and even retrofitted to existing vehicles at a later date.

The Munro Mk_1 features a body-on-frame design, live axles front and rear, and a drive motor coupled to a central transfer box. Off-road credentials are further bolstered with a high-efficiency, high-torque axial electric motor that drives a proven mechanical 4x4 driveline. Ground clearance comes in at a massive 480mm, while the wading depth is measured at 800mm. Exceptional axle articulation and 38° approach and 51° departure angles ensure the Mk_1 will get to places few other vehicles could reach.

Payloads will reach a tonne, and the 4x4 will be rated to tow a braked trailer of up to 3.5 tonnes. A crew of five will be able to fit in the generously sized cabin, too.

Ibex Automotive in Yorkshire will supply the body and chassis, while other components will be sourced from companies as locally as possible to minimise carbon impact.

The Munro’s all-terrain ability and electric powertrain make it an option for commercial operators seeking to minimise their environmental footprint, including construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, mountain rescue, and remote infrastructure maintenance.

Russell Peterson, Munro CEO:

“This early sketch of the Munro MK_1 by our award-winning in-house designer Ross Compton, underlines our design commitment to build an all-terrain electric 4x4 engineered from the wheels up to provide unparalleled workhorse capability for commercial customers looking to decarbonise their fleets. The Munro MK_1 will effortlessly go to places others can’t reach, with bulletproof durability and ultra-low running costs. The Munro team and I can’t wait to show the world the fully finished vehicle on December fifth.”

Hugh Roberts, director of off-road driving and training company, Far by Four, has assisted Munro with the MK_1’s development programme. 

Hugh Roberts:

"We have subjected the Munro to extensive testing off-road. We have driven through deep water and glutinous mud, traversed steep terrain, mastered side slopes and axle twisters and effortlessly towed trailers and vehicles. A combination of prodigious electric torque, supple suspension and a rigid chassis makes the Munro an easy vehicle to place confidently without the need for excessive speed to clear technical terrain."

Munro founders Russ Peterson and Ross Anderson started work on the Mk_1 in early 2019 after coming up with a rugged four-wheel-drive EV design. Initially set to work on converting a Land Rover Defender to pure electric power, the duo switched to a bespoke product soon after. Three years later, the self-funded company is moving towards series production of its electric 4x4. Although it expects to produce just 50 vehicles in 2023, by 2030, the company expects to increase that to 5,000 vehicles a year.

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