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New British supercar takes fight to Ferrari

This is the new Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider - and it’s showcasing Britain’s supercar skills on a global stage.

For those who don’t have the foggiest what Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) is, allow us to fill you in.

It’s a Surrey-based firm founded by Professor Gordon Murray, a South African-British designer who spent two decades working in F1 and who bagged three consecutive championship wins with McLaren in the late Eighties.

In the Nineties, Murray turned his hand to designing the McLaren F1 road car - widely considered to be one of the best exotic motors ever created.

And now, as Executive Chairman of the Gordon Murray Group, Murray and his team craft some of the most desirable - yet practical - supercars going.

The T.33 Spider is the latest offering, which competes with the drool-inducing Ferrari Daytona SP3.

It gets an ultralight carbon monocoque which means the entire car weighs-in at just 1,108kg - just a shade more than a tiny Fiat 500.

Power of 609 hp comes from a 3.9 litre V12 engine sourced from British specialists Cosworth for an ‘unmistakable soundtrack’.

And, crucially for GMA, the T.33 also gets 295 litres of luggage space, making it a versatile head-turner.

The T.33 Spider priced north of £1.8 million.

More expensive yet is the recently revealed GMA T.50 (above), which is available in two different guises; the road-going T.50 and the track-only ‘T.50s Niki Lauda’, named after the late F1 great.

Production of the T.50 is now underway for around 100 lucky, and well-heeled, owners.

The T.50 has power of 661 bhp, again courtesy of a V12 engine from Cosworth, while the more outlandish T50s Niki Lauda (above) ups the oomph to 762 bhp.

The T.50s Niki Lauda is priced at a cool £3.1m, and it weighs less than 900 kg - which is £3,444 per kilo!

If you want to fulfil your supercar dreams, have a chat with the experts in our Select Car Leasing Specialist Division.

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