Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Preview
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Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Preview

The Frankfurt Motor Show is now just over a month away and with many manufacturers already confirming their potential releases, we thought we’d take a look at what we can expect from one of motoring’s most prestigious events.

The motoring fare in Frankfurt is often considered as one of the most significant due to it starting the season for motor-shows with events such as Paris, Geneva and the new London Motor Show all occurring subsequently to the show in Germany. Not to mention the fact that Germany is responsible for a large portion of the car industry with some of the most famous and successful manufacturers established in the country.

Most of the major manufacturers have an announcement planned or a vehicle they want to show off and this year in particular seems to be bursting at the seams with quality vehicles. We’ve quickly collected some of the potential stars of the show...


The Giuila was certainly a shock when it was revealed back in May, with no previous indication from manufacturer Alfa Romeo that they were even considering a major announcement. The vehicle has been suggested as an early 3-Series rival, though it’s stats are closer to that of the higher performance M3 and 4 vehicles. Read more about this vehicle here.


It may not look like Audi have done anything to their incredibly popular A4, but while the design tweaks may have been minimal the German manufacturer has given the A4 a fresh selection of technology and a new-look interior.


Bentley's first SUV will get an outing in Germany as it preprares for it's highly-anticipated launch. The vehicle was trialed as a concept in 2012 before the first images were revealed just three years later and new testing for the vehicle has shown it's in strong condition for it's release. 


The new BMW 7 Series will become the latest addition to the BMW family with the 7 Series making it's debut in October this year. The new vehicle will look to replicate the success of it's cousins the 3 Series, 5 Series and 6 Series which are enjoying a golden era. The updated vehicle will have a sleeker and sharper bodystyle that is likely to make it appeal more to a mass market which has for too long considered too overly-bulky. Serving up 321bhp the 7 Series will not be losing any power and is still likely to be a head-turner in September.


Any announcement from Ferrari is usually met with anticipation and excitement and that was certainly the case when the manufacturer launched it's quite frighteningly incredible 488 Spider - a vehicle that sounds and looks like everyones dream sports car. The engine stats are simply amazing and when a vehicle does 0-62mph in just 3 seconds it's very hard to look in the other direction. Could be a big presence in Frankfurt and certainly one that will draw in the crowds.


More good news for fans of the 500 as Fiat announced fresh updates for what has been incredibly successful vehicle - The 500's stylish and hip design has proven popular with many looking for their first car and you can hardly blame Fiat for being reluctant to change a great deal about the car. However, while the exterior changes have been somewhat few and far between there's been a great deal of features added which should help cement the 500's position in the supermini market. We can't wait to get a look.


A big show awaits for Infiniti who are still searching for the vehicle that will catapult them into the mainstream UK market. It's been in the pipeline for a while and though you can do a lot worse than a Crossover SUV in today's market, it's fair to say Infiniti will have to work a little harder than most. The fact it's built in Sunderland could help the manufacturers cause.


The F-Pace is somewhat of a shock reveal and it's fair to say it's generating quite a bit of interest from all corners of the world. The F-Pace has been put through it's "paces" recently so we've got to see a lot more of the vehicle that will be making it's exciting debut at Frankfurt in a few weeks time. The F-Pace made a glittering debut as part of the successful Team Sky at this years Tour de France and has also been tackling the dunes of Dubai and some precarious ski slopes to test it's endurance in contrasting weather conditions. Don't they have a machine for that? Another vehicle to be built in Britiain, what's going on? The F-Pace will be designed at the Land Rover plant in Solihull. The F-Pace looks the part and while it's not likely to come to cheap it's not hard to see the vehicle becoming a serious success as the manufacturer makes a famous branching out into another sector.


Mercedes may not have a whole new vehicle to offer but the updates for the A-Class and the all-new GLC are still nothing short of impressive and it's fair to say the Mercedes name alone should give the manufacturer enough to get noticed in Frankfurt.  In their native country, Mercedes are enjoying something of a revolution and that's only likely to improve with the new-set of vehicles that they continue to produce. The C-Class won 'World Car of the Year' a few months back and Mercedes are set to unveil an all-new version of what has been one of the best-selling luxury coupes in the UK market.


Mini, invigorated by the success of their new range this year will hope that a fresh outlook for the Clubman will help increase sales even further. The not so Mini, Mini will make it's firm public debut at Frankfurt with some images released earlier in the year to give potential customers a chance to see the new direction MINI appears to be taking. Both longer and wider than the predessor, the Clubman's Cooper S model catches the eye with a 0-62mph time of just 7.2 seconds and the vehicle will formally arrive on the 31st October.



The 308 R Hybrid is certainly whipping up a frenzy, particularly on the continet where Peugeot's influence is far greater than it is in the UK. The 308 R has gripped many fans at a time when success for vehicles like the Honda Civic Type R is at a premium. Not only will it certainly be Peugeot's most powerful mainstream car, it's hybrid capabilities will be attracting a greater interest by the day. At a cracking 493bhp, the R-Hybrid will only be rivalled by the best and it's testament to the power of public outcry as Peugeot merely tested the water with it back in April and it now it's confirmation is all but here. Especially considering that some Peugeot officials have been previewing shots of the vehicle in action. We should get a better look at the 308 R Hybrid than we have done before, but it could be a while before we see it properly in action. A long wait ahead perhaps, but certainly one that'll be worth it.


You can't argue with the figures, the Vauxhall Astra has been universally successful enjoying a particular success on these shores. The Astra style is always improved periodically and that'll be no different this year with the latest vehicle preparing for it's debut in Frankfurt before eventually being released soon after. 

We think we've covered some of the key models from Frankfurt, but there's sure to be a few surprises planned. A lot to look forward to as the motoring season gets into gear!

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