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Alfa Romeo reveal 2016 Giulia

Alfa Romeo have begun their initial steps to what looks to be an exciting revival plan that hopes to propel them into competition with traditional rivals such as BMW and Jaguar.

The manufacturer had hit a somewhat impasse, with production slashed on a number of their early hits from the turn of the century falling by the wayside. Alfa’s slow progress could perhaps explain why we’re seeing such a dominance from BMW and Mercedes who are fast-becoming mainstream brands with the added affordability of leasing helping many people get behind the wheel of their dream cars.

Who could blame Alfa for wanting a piece of the action? And that’s exactly what they’ll get with the flash-new Giulia exexcutive vehicle which is being likened to the BMW 3 Series but with more features similar to an M3 than your standard entry-level model.

Arriving in 2016, early figures suggest the Giulia will be packing a brilliant 503bhp engine with an ability to charge from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds.


A bit more on the structure of the vehicle – firstly, it’s an executive car and you certainly know it. The Giulia is a fairly distinctive beast with a long bonnet, sweeping LED lights and, of course, the traditional ‘V-shaped’ grille whuich has been adorning Alfa Romeo for many decades.


It looks the part inside and is a great throwback to the sort of luxurious comfort we became accustomed to in Alfa Romeo vehicles back in the day. The dashboard is cleanly laid out and soft-touch materials make for an incredibly smooth and comfortable drive. There’s also a large centre console, button for engine start (there’s Alfa’s traditional Sporty element) and the whole interior is capped off by an adventurous carbon-fibre trim.



This is what everyone is really getting excited about - and rightly so. Alfa Romeo have pulled out all of the stops to make sure the Giulia can’t be lamented for it’s performance. Weighing in at 1,600kg the Giulia has already been praised for it’s gearing towards lightweight performance – something some of the vehicle’s rivals may take heed from. And that brilliant 3.9 seconds we mentioned earlier turns out to be pretty crucial because it would make the vehicle the fastest among all of it’s direct competitors. What allows the Alfa Romeo to get that brilliant 0-62 time and sizzling 506bhp is the 3.0-litre V6 Bi-Turbo resting underneath the bonnet. This could well be the pick of the bunch at release and we expect there to be some more tame engines as well.

All in all, Alfa Romeo seem pretty in-control on the next phase of their plan to take control of the market they once bossed and the Giulia is certainly a great big, exciting step towards doing this.

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