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How to choose a tow car?

Finding the right car can be hard enough! However, a bit of research and guide can help you to get the most suitable car you’re looking for. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best tow cars and the features that you should look at buying your ideal tow car.

How to choose a tow car

Finding a tow car is a bit different and difficult compared to normal cars where test-drives also may not be straightforward to arrange as hardly some of the dealers will have demonstrators with tow-balls.

Choosing a tow car is bit harder than most car-buying decisions. Whatever your need to tow car caravan, horsebox or boat, you will need a bit of research and some facts and figures. That little bit of research helps make an enjoyable drive, is easy to live with and handles very well, too.

Features to look for in tow car

·         Weight Matters

This is the most important factor with which to decide when you are looking to tow your caravan or trailer. Depending on caravan size, the weight goes from 750 to 2500 kilograms. Plus you have to consider extra items of weight such as cramping gear, driver weight, luggage weight or any other accessories. If you are towing a horse box, the weight of even a few of horses can double the weight and size.

Many car manufacturers always publish their towing capacities which you can easily find in their brochure.

·         Licensed to tow

Before you buy a caravan or trailer, double check your licence and how much that allows you to tow.

·         Torque for towing

With the towing weight, the engine capabilities is also of the most important factors.

   “Diesels generally offer more torque than Petrols and are considered more suited to towing.”

The diesel engines have been traditionally known as better for fuel efficient cars and reserve quite huge pulling power in comparison to petrol cars. However some of the new petrol models that make decent tow cars are worth considering if you don’t cover enough miles.

With petrol/diesel, it’s also worth considering the relevant gearboxes. A manual engine offers more direct control however there are few modern auto cars which have manual override. The choice of gearbox really comes down to your personal preference.

·         Tow and Driver-friendly features

The new modern cars come with more tow and driver friendly features which make it very easy. The self-levelling suspension helps the keep the back of the car from squatting down with a loaded boot and trailer’s weight on the back. Four-wheel drive would make a plus point if it comes in your budget, which constantly powers all the wheels at all the time.

Many cars now come with a trailer stability system which is designed to respond more quickly and effectively if the car and trailer become unstable.

Best tow cars of 2015

There are plenty of tow cars available in market; however we have collected a list of the best tow cars here where the data has been collected from thetowcarawards website.

Up to 1400 kilograms

1400-1549 kilograms

Skoda Octavia

Volkswagen Passat Estate

2.0 TDI CR 150 SE Business

2.0 TDI BMT 150PS SE Business DSG

The 2.0 TDI Skoda Octavia is one of the best engines in the range producing 150PS and 70.60 miles per gallon fuel efficiency with CO2 of 106 grams per kilometre. It stable at speed The car has lots of space for luggage and people.

A lighter and improved version of old Passat with better towing capacity. Drives well at motorway speeds.  A roomy cabin and bigger space makes the car practical for all-around.

1550-1699 kilograms

1700-1899 kilograms

Mazda CX-5

Volkswagen Passat Estate

2.2D 175 Sport Nav AWD

2.0 BiTDI SCR BMT 4Motion GT DSG

The upgraded version of Mazda CX-5 offers great towing capacity plus the addition of electronic parking braking system makes the car easier for hill starts.

Here is another powerful version of VW Passat Estate that comes with four-wheel drive, a powerful engine, high towing capacity and loads of space.

1900 kilograms


Land Rover Discovery


3.0 SDV6 SE Tech


Land Rovers are best known for its strong quality and unstoppable off-road ability.

Its 3.0-litre V6 diesel serves up 442lb ft of torque, which is useful for off-roading and towing.


Source from: thetowcarawards

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